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Street Art

Covered in Street

Be prepared to see art like you’ve never seen before. This season, we’ve teamed up with several street artists to illustrate our Spring 21 collection. By using their unique style, they get to show off their creativity and bring their own interpretation to our campaign.

We invite you to come celebrate creativity and the freedom of self-expression with us. Speaking of which, we’d like you to meet Zoie Kasper. She is a recruiter at our Foot Locker Europe Headquarters. Photography is one of her passions and therefore we asked her to be part of this campaign as one of the photographers on set. In her spare time, she loves walking around the city with her camera and looking at all sorts of street art and murals. We’re very excited that she decided to join us on this campaign.

Ready to feel inspired? Discover our collection below and emerge yourself in the creative world of contemporary street art!

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