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    Dominate Your Opponents with Men's Basketball Shoes

    Every basketballer needs the right gear. From a variety of colour combinations to signature editions, find the best men's basketball shoes at Foot Locker to match your playing style. Our newest collection of men's basketball trainers is driven by superior quality, and their slick aesthetics and smart features make fresh use of typical sportswear designs. Comfortable, dynamic and speed-enhancing, these men's basketball shoes are as versatile as they are on-trend.

    Mix Innovation with a Funky Urban Edge

    Besides being purely functional, a pair of men's basketball shoes allows you to experiment with different streetwear trends. When you want to update your hoodie or simple jeans, choose some vibrantly printed trainers at Foot Locker; we feature classic basketball shoe brands like Nike and Jordan. Retro-inspired men's basketball trainers are on-trend, and if you love your classic style, consider basketball shoes featuring original logos or bold 1990s vibes.

    A Style for the Game's Best Players

    Basketball relies on explosive movements, quick sprints and sharp cuts. In response to the surface of a basketball court the rubber composition, outsole pattern and surface ratio of men's basketball trainers provide lightweight cushioning. Their crossover style plus the trusted traction assure top-notch performance and redefines what's possible on a basketball court. Every part of our trainers is made to unlock a different element of the game. This means more buckets, rebounds, blocks, and crossovers. Whether you are seizing an opportunity, expressing your passion or battling a rival, a pair of men's basketball shoes helps you to make a splash as you drive the lane.

    Popular Designs for Men's Basketball Trainers

    Find low-top lace-up men's basketball trainers with responsive midsoles and moulded ankle collars. Our high-top designs offer enhanced traction so you can cut swiftly and put handles on maximum display. Inspire your game with signature sneakers sported by icons such as Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and Kyrie Irving.

    Get the Newest Trends at Foot Locker

    Our men's basketball shoes use the latest footwear technologies that make up the most lightweight structures. Do you play the guard, forward, or centre? Place an order for shoes that will keep you comfortable and injury-free. Explore our full line-up of sneakers and get the perfect pair to take control of your game.