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    Sneaker Freak – the label you should know

    Sneaker Freak is the epitome of innovative and sporty lifestyle fashion, and is also good value for money. Let’s meet the new kid on the block.

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    May we present – your new favourite designer label: Sneaker Freak

    Sneaker Freak is the ultimate cool brand, which is exclusively available at Foot Locker. Its style is chilled, urban and cool, with a mixture of sporting signature looks and understated elegance. The name may confuse you a bit - Sneaker Freak, because our first clear thought was, well... “sneakers”. However, this alone would be far too boring, because a brand needs to create everything you need for a perfect outfit around your beloved shoes. This includes fantastic shirts, trousers, and of course the right shoe care. Who could know more about what your favourite trainers need than the Sneaker Freak designers? Nobody, because the name says it all. For those times when you’re not doing any sports, the brand also provides cargo trousers, shorts, hoodies and windbreakers. Sneaker Freak clothing is as varied as it is versatile. You won’t find any colour that is not known to the company and in its range. This means that the styles are clean but don’t look overcrowded despite the strong tones. The most important aspect is the highly visible Sneaker Freak logo. Don’t worry, when wearing the tops you won’t look like a walking advert. The position and originality of the logo, which simply replaces the A with a quotation mark, makes the logo pretty clever. The variety of the label is shown in the logo, but also when it isn’t written out in full. On some shirts you’ll only see the two quotation marks, which look like the Yin and Yang symbol. Well, isn’t that a sign of a balanced decision for your new favourite brand?

    The Material – as amazing as the style

    Of course we can’t forget this, given the attractive appearance and the inner values, which aren’t too shabby. Both boys and girls at Sneaker Freak know that sports equipment and lifestyle fashion isn’t perfect due to the high quality alone. Therefore, individual fashion pieces such as hoodies made from a blend of cotton and fleece are very comfortable to wear and keep you warm in winter. We make shirts from another material, but with the same amount of high demands for them. These are made from pure cotton – good for your skin, good for you. It’s especially important in summer that we not only don’t forget to breath, but also make sure that our clothing is breathable. Sneaker Freak meets this requirement easily, which gives us yet another reason to celebrate. We feel this even when we consider how to combine the cool clothes.

    Enjoy the limitless style range by Sneaker Freak

    The athletic, leisure style is as popular as ever thanks to the jogging bottoms and long shirts which make the perfect companion, even during your free time. You can show your sense of style when combining the trousers or shorts with a shirt. Stylish shirts with short sleeves celebrate their unstoppable comeback and are ideal in hot weather. Dots, graphic patterns and clean styles are always in fashion, but even polo shirts such as the ones from Sneaker Freak are making a comeback and getting rid of their snobbish reputation. You can wear polo shirts stylishly with loose fit jeans which can be rolled up, while trainers are an absolute must. The polo shirts also look trendy when worn with skinny jeans. You can wear a cool hoodie with longer shirts, so that the bottom part is sticking out from under the hoodie. This street style has it all and is rounded off with a sports bag. The jackets give any look a sporty touch, and can give leisure and work trousers that special something. The label knows what men want, and we at Foot Locker stock Sneaker Freak for you exclusively as part of our offer. We’re right there with you!

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