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Chunky Skate

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This Summer, get ready to flip your skateboard in trendy style for him. From top to bottom, we’ve got you covered to be on top and never wipe out. Discover the Chunky Skate collection with Victor, our Striper from Murcia, Spain.

A huge fan of skateboarding, Victor has been skating since he was 8. Today, he’s showing us what to look for when choosing a skating outfit. Our Striper advises to always go for cool and breathable clothing. And so, Victor picks the adidas Adicolor t-shirt that he pairs with Adicolor 3 Stripes Swimshort in the black colorway. To complete this outfit, Victor suggests two options… the iconic Vans Old Skool Stitch Warp in a bright style and the vintage-infused Converse Star Player 76 in classic black and white. These flat sneakers are praised by the street for their rugged makeup and sticky soles, ideal for skateboarding!

Ready to drop in? Check out Victor’s picks and get the perfect shoe to perform epic acid drops!