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    All of Reebok at Foot Locker!

    Reebok’s Early History

    Reebok is one of the most influential and longest-running athletic brands in history. Founded in 1890 in Holcombe Brook, a small village six miles of Bolton, England, by Joseph William Foster, Reebok has always been about progression and performance.
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    From the get-go, the brand’s main concern was to provide athletes with the best gear possible in order to let them unleash their full potential. Reebok’s products quickly got noticed by top athletes, which started using them at major sport events. In 1924, Reebok’s shoes were worn by British athletes during the summer Olympics held in Paris. After being called Foster and Sons for years, the company adopted the Reebok moniker in 1958, Reebok being the Afrikaans name for a special type of antelope. A crazy fast antelope. In 1979, Reebok finally landed across the pound in the USA and successfully expanded its range of products toward running and basketball footwear.

    Reebok’s First Golden Age – 80’s and 90’s

    After building up its reputation decade after decade, Reebok’s golden age really began in the early 80’s, with the emergence of the fitness craze and the subsequent launch of the Reebok Freestyle sneaker, the first athletic shoe designed for women. That period also market the launch of Reebok’s first significant involvement in sports clothing and accessories collections.

    Going forward, Reebok expanded its horizons to basketball and most notably secured blockbuster deals with NBA superstars Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson, both then sporting some of the most iconic sneakers ever created, such as the legendary Reebok Pump, and both landing their own signature basketball sneakers collections. As technology progressively became an important component in footwear design, Reebok also had been initiating groundbreaking innovations and participated immensely to the technical progression of athletic footwear. Reebok also was the official gear manufacturer for both the NHL and NFL, furthering the brand athletic legitimacy.

    Reebok’s Second Golden Age - Now

    Today, Reebok is more than ever involved in sports, with many innovative designs coming in both footwear and apparel categories. The brand is also an official partner of the UFC and of the CrossFit movement and still remains relevant in the streetwear category, constantly creating compelling lifestyle, casual footwear and apparel collections with models such as the retro-inspired Ventilator and Reebok Classic, timeless models that are as popular now that they ever was. Have a look below at our Reebok product collection, including many rarities and exclusive models.
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