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    The Puma Tsugi: perfection in Japanese

    The Puma Tsugi Japanese philosophy The German and Japanese mentalities have a significant overlap: their obsession with technical perfection. So, it is no coincidence that the Puma Tsugi is being launched using its Japanese design name: this shoe owes a debt of gratitude to the land of the rising sun for both its external and internal qualities. The Shinsei model with its fragile aesthetic reflects the classic wabi-sabi philosophy – an approach which can be translated as “with tasteful simplicity”. At the same time, like all the designs in the Tsugi series, the Shinsei is a miracle of innovation. It embodies the Kaizen principle – which translates as continuous change for the better. This archetypal principle of innovation was what drove the Japanese to make constant new technical discoveries and improvements in the period after the Second World War. It is not for nothing that Tsugi can be translated as “next”; one more step on the path to transformation. Shinsei, on the other hand, means “reborn”. The shoe is repeatedly reincarnated in a more sophisticated form on its path through existence. But now you’ve had enough philosophy. Just remember this: Puma’s Japanese-inspired designs belong to the most exceptional and popular running shoes ever!

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    The master of laces

    The Tsugi constitutes a new step in Puma’s lacing technology. This is hardly a surprise, because no one has done more than the company from Herzogenaurach to optimise lacing options in a bid to perfect the fit of the shoe. This began way back in 1972, when the Munich running shoe was launched to mark the start of that summer’s Olympic games in the Bavarian capital. The “Munich” shoe could be closed, opened and individually adjusted using four Velcro flaps. In the natural running designs, the heel rise could be customised for each person’s requirements. Maybe you still remember Puma’s revolutionary disc system. It certainly attracted attention in the running world in 1992 with laces being replaced by a rotating disc which tightened or loosened nylon cords on the tongue of the shoe to adjust it precisely to the anatomy of your foot. With the Puma Tsugi comes the latest innovative lacing technology. The Shinsei design, for example, has an additional side lacing system, while the Netfit design allows personalised, asymmetrical lacing. These are not mere aesthetic tricks; this is the Kaizen principle in action on the path to an even better fitting running shoe.

    Technology for the fastest humans

    Usain Bolt is the only person on the entire planet who has managed to run the 100 metre distance in under 9.6 seconds. And what shoes does he wear? Puma of course! Puma Ignite – a design which was named after Puma’s patented Ignite Foam, aka ForEverFoam – an impact absorption material which had previously only been used in the automotive industry and which equips every shoe perfectly for short sprints and longer distances. Ignite Foam is also used in the Tsugi. The foam effortlessly absorbs running energy and then returns it to maximal effect as the foot pushes off from the ground. These internal workings mean this Japanese-inspired design from Puma is not just an aesthetic masterpiece for exceptional streetwear, it also incorporates technology from the best sprinter in the world’s favourite shoe. Welcome on board!

    How you lace, is how you race

    The best shoes in the world are made-to-measure. The question which Puma asked itself was: how can off-the-shelf goods be constructed so that each individual can adjust their shoes to suit their own anatomy and running form? Puma’s solution: the side lacing on the Puma Tsugi Shinsei fits the shoe more snugly to the shape of the runner’s foot and is supported by the sock construction, the softly padded nylon tongue and the textile surface material. The Netfit lacing system on the eponymous Tsugi model is a completely original innovation. Here you can thread the shoelaces through the netlike surface of the Evoknit shoe upper. This enables you to achieve precisely the ergonomic fit you require, not to mention your own quite personal look.

    Simple taste: the best!

    Whether it’s the Netfit or the Shinsei: all Puma shoes embody the accomplishments of decades of research and improvements in line with the Japanese Kaizen principle. The sock construction in all the designs moulds the shoe snugly to your foot like a second skin. The abrasion-resistant rubber sole guarantees good grip on all running surfaces and, with the Ignite Foam, these Japanese-inspired Pumas offer excellent impact absorption properties. The EVA midsole is the final key to make sure you feel like you’re running on clouds. The tongue on the Tsugi depicts the puma jumping towards you, the Puma logo lettering is at the heel. With the Puma Tsugi you are in great company. too.