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    The Nike Air Uptempo: Back to the Nineties with three letters

    Basketball made Nike great. From the 1980s, Nike shoes were associated with the names of legendary players - starting with the all-time great Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan basketball shoe series dedicated to him. A fruitful cooperation has developed between elite players and Nike shoe designers. The American company took first place among sporting goods manufacturers in 1989 - a position which the manufacturer of the Nike Uptempo has kept to this day. NBA professionals - shoes with more flexibility, better grip and better cushioning. The 1990s were the golden era of the Chicago Bull and their captain, Scottie Pippen. Pippen was dazzling, unbeatable, dominant - he wore the Nike Air Uptempo on his feet. This shoe belongs in the museum of basketball for all time. No, that is not quite true - because Nike has fortunately brought it back. With these shoes, you will bring the Nineties back to your feet - and the drive of Scottie Pippen.

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    An icon of the Nineties

    Scottie’s favourite shoe, the Nike Air Uptempo, is an all-rounder. Created for the incredibly versatile and athletic star of the Bulls. It brings agility and high-speed strength into play, gives the foot reliable stability and sits comfortably, easily and cuddly like a sock. The cushioning is the familiar, world-class Nike standard. But above all, the Uptempo stands out due its distinctive design - an eye-catcher on both sides of the court. A shoe with personality, for performances with character. A 1990s icon - street wear and sport shoe in perfection.

    Uptempo technology: From outer space into the sole of a shoe

    Without space research, there would be no solar cells, no Velcro, no smoke alarms, no battery-powered drill and no Nike Air Technology. Frank Rudy worked at NASA in the 1970s and experimented with blow moulding for rubber parts. His idea: if you could integrate a gas-filled shock-absorbing cushion into a sole, you would have the perfect sports and running shoe. It’s lucky that Frank Rudy got to know Tinker Hatfield, an architect by profession and one of the best shoe designers in the world. In March 1987, the pair brought out the Air Max 1 - a revolution in the sports shoe market and the fuel for the incredible take-off of Nike. Successor models like the Nike Air Uptempo owe everything to their forefathers, Rudy and Hatfield - on the way to increasingly sophisticated technical details and striking designs. Reason enough to market the Air technology once again. And what could be better for the task than the Nike Uptempo with its huge AIR logo? 20 years after the record-breaking year of the Chicago Bulls in 1996, the largest sporting goods manufacturer in the world has re-released the legendary shoe of Scottie Pippen. Long live the 1990s!

    The variation of contrast

    It is not modest. Neither is Scottie Pippen. It adapts perfectly to the foot of its wearer - just like Scottie seamlessly integrated into the Bulls’ plays. The Nike Air Uptempo is a revelation. If you wear these shoes, you can be sure that people will notice you. Since 2016, Nike has created a series of retro versions of the Uptempo. In the plain black model, the graffiti-like AIR lettering is downright elegant. In white, it brings Nike’s successful AIR concept into the world in a discreet and restrained way. In ochre with white outsole, it is the perfect sneaker for the autumn season. Obsidian Black, with white, contoured AIR lettering, reveals hits origins with natural self-confidence. Dynamic as Scottie Pippen in its best form, the AIR graffiti in dark blue letters on a white background to the sole. It is amazing how many effects the Nike Uptempo can achieve with different colour contrasts.

    Great on the outside, great on the inside

    It is self-evident that the inner values of the Uptempos are as good as the design. The Nike Air unit is integrated in the midsole and stretches across almost its entire length. The footbed is foamed, elastic, with textile lining and padded in all the right places. The shaft also has a padding. Perforations ensure air supply, the grippy rubber outsole provides traction. In addition to the giant AIR letters on both sides, the Nike Swoosh sits on the tongue and at the heel. Welcome to the Nineties Club! With the Nike Air Uptempo, you can play the game of your life or create the footing for unforgettable retro streetwear looks. This is the best, Scottie Pippen - live from the Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.