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    New Balance 247 - the stylish classic of sneakers

    The American sports company New Balance has been making sports goods for more than 100 years. Over the decades, the company has produced some real classics, including the New Balance 247 for men and women. In addition to the New Balance 247 Sport, attractive editions have been brought onto the market over the years which, as bona fide sneakers, form a key part of your casual look. Below, you will learn more about the history and the characteristics of the sports shoe, which, alongside the world-famous brands Nike and Adidas, is one of the best sellers in sneaker fashion.

    The history of the New Balance 247 

    The New Balance 247 is one of the newest product lines which the Boston company has brought onto the world-wide shoe market. In the development of this release, New Balance had the task of combining the character of its running and sports shoes with a visually casual character which matches with modern sneaker fashion. This combination shows itself impressively in the New Balance 247 for men and women. Some of the features of previous releases by the manufacturer, such as the 1300 series, have been included and show themselves in the basic silhouette, while new paths have been pursued in design and colouring. 

    To some extent, with the New Balance 247, the manufacturer has turned away from some of its traditional clientele, such as athletes and recreational athletes. The name of the shoe series is intended to make this clear. The New Balance 247 is designed to give men and women support around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can therefore be worn as a classical sport shoe for your indoor and outdoor activities and a casual and comfortable companion for your leisure outfits. To meet the enhanced needs of athletes, there is a special edition of New Balance 247 sports which is ready for you. 

    What makes the New Balance 247 so special 

    The new balance is characterised by a high wearing comfort for long hours of wear in everyday life and leisure time. With the REV Lite midsole, it provides for an additional stabilisation of your foot with each step, which is especially beneficial in running movements or rapid changes of direction in sport. The special mixture of the sole, together with the foot bed, provide good shock absorption, so that you do not feel any unnecessary vibration on hard surfaces. This is a huge benefit if you want to wear the New Balance 247 in everyday life and regularly walk on tarmac. 

    The New Balance 247 for men and women is unusually elegant for a sports shoe. In its basic form, it reminds us of a classic low sneaker, however, up close, its very fine and unobtrusive design is impressive. This could be due to the noble colour of the sports shoes or come through in trendy colours such as pink. Because of this model variety, the New Balance 247 for men and women is the right choice for a variety of life occasions. 

    Materials and additional extras at a glance 

    Whether the New Balance 247 Sports is worn by demanding athletes or as a luxury version for upscale leisure fashion - the US manufacturer safeguards the high-quality materials with first-class workmanship. The leather upper is particularly stylish and elegant, which, in the colour of natural leather, elegantly comes into its own. This allows you to make a convincing impression with sport shoes or sneakers, even at an upscale occasion. 

    If you are wearing them for sports, the New Balance 247 for men and women will win you over through the combination of synthetic and mesh material. The net-shaped upper material ensures a pleasant interior climate for your foot and helps prevent sweating in the inside of the footwear even after long periods of wearing. The robust and durable shoelaces, which are perfectly colour-coordinated to the New Balance 247, are also worth mentioning. Finally, in both your leisure time and training and competition, you will want to be sure that your sport shoes fit perfectly. 

    Using the New Balance 247 for sport, leisure time and more 

    With a view of the broad spectrum of New Balance 247 for men and women, you will quickly get to know the variety of colours and designs. A children’s version has already been released and will help your young ones to participate in primary school sports lessons in a safe and high-quality sports shoe. This age group is dominated by the single-colour design in white or grey, while the New Balance 247 for men and women comes with fashionable refinements. 

    Whether in classic black or in the interaction of different brown or grey tones – the New Balance 247sets itself apart from other popular sports shoes. This helps it catch the eye in leisure fashion, fitting perfectly with dark jeans and other fashion brands with a sporty flair. Even the New Balance 247 Sport, as the most active sub-series, does not look like a classic sports shoe at first glance. Convince yourself of the fascinating charm of the model and discover which version of the New Balance 247 for men, women and children suits your fashion preferences. 

    Order the New Balance 247 for men and women online 

    Like all designer sneakers, the New Balance 247combines exquisite quality with a high value of the footwear. However, if you decide to order online, you don't have to spend too much on the New Balance 247 for men and women. A look at our website shows you how you can order the New Balance 247as designer footwear and sneakers at an attractive price and receive them at home within a few days. You will, of course, find other designer shoes in our range from Nike, Adidas and other manufacturers at great prices online!