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    Jordan 1: The Legend of the Sneaker Game

    Jordan sneakers are more than a shoe, they are an icon. They were the brainchild of Nike, and Olympic and NBA super Michael Jordan. Born in the mid-80s, the Jordan 1 quickly gained cult stardom. In part, this was thanks to the controversy surrounding them on the NBA court. The NBA banned Air Jordans, but Michael continued to wear them, which cost both him and Nike substantial fines. But it was this rebellious attitude that began to shape the brand. The Air Jordan 1 was the first, but since then the shoe has been redesigned countless times. People around the globe have lined up for days to get their hands on an exclusive drop. Worn by street style stars and hip-hop legends, Jordan are more than shoe, they are a movement.

    Sports and Style

    The Jordan 1 is loved by sports stars on the court and celebrities off. Basketball players love the ingenious design which supports performance. Off the court, they are a classic for all the hip-hop greats. They have a cult following, and in particular the Air Jordan 1 retro, is becoming a collector's item.

    What to Wear with the Jordan 1

    Deciding what to wear with the Jordan 1 couldn't be easier. The Jordan Retro 1 is a great everyday sneaker which can be paired with basically anything. They add a fresh lift to any outfit. The High OG ASW is a statement shoe made to turn heads. Keep it clean with an all-black get up or add a hint of colour on top for a statement look. The Air Jordan 1 comes in different colours and are a must-have in any sneakerheads. Go bold and mix with more colours.

    Calling all Sneakerheads to Foot Locker

    There is only one place to buy your Jordan 1, and that's Foot Locker. We always keep on top of trends, so we only stock the best range of sneakers. We've become the best spot for exclusive sneakers, and you can buy with us online 24 hours a day. Embracing both the present as well as the history of the Air Jordan 1, Foot Locker is the future of sneakers.