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    Brand Funko Pop x

    Discover the Super-Cute World of Funko Pop Toys

    Funko Pop collectables area must-have accessory for all sport and pop culture fans. Created by the American company Funko, Pop figurines draw their inspiration from Japanese toys, with their oversized heads, cute styles, big eyes, and bright colours. And they cover a massive range of franchises, from super hero movies to the NBA.

    Add Some Funko Pop Collectables to Your Bedroom

    Funko's Pop collection of toys appeals to adults and kids alike. They take the form of small figures (usually around 5-6 cm tall), with adorable designs that resemble the celebrities and sporting heroes we love. They can be added alongside TV screens and computers, placed on bedside tables, or collected and displayed in cabinets if buyers fall in love with the collection - as many people do.

    Choose from a Vast Array of Funko Pop Dolls

    The key thing about Funko's catalogue is how many popular culture franchises it manages to include. When movies, musicians, games, or sports stars become big, Funko tends to release a doll. So shoppers will find everything from Toy Story's Woody, to Thanos from the Avengers, the Golden State Warriors' Steph Curry, and PSG's Kylian Mbappe. So, if kids or adults have a favourite movie or a football hero, Funko has probably created a figurine they will adore.

    Mix Up Funko Pop Dolls with Sportswear and Pop Culture Collections

    Funko's dolls make a great complement to the jersey collections of NBA obsessives. You'll find versions of Steph,  LeBron, Russel Westbrook, and other major stars, and they would look great in front of NBA uniforms. If kids are into Harry Potter or Pixar animations, Funko Pop dolls will be the perfect thing to keep by their bed, or next to Blu-Ray collections. But really, these dolls can brighten up anyone's home with their fun designs, and pop culture references.

    Pick the Perfect Funko Pop Figures from Foot Locker's Toys Collection

    At Foot Locker, life isn't all about Nike and adidas sneakers, or Kappa track tops. We also stock a wide range of collectables for sportswear fans, including all of the Funko Pops buyers could want. Be sure to check out the whole catalogue, which runs from kids' movies to elite sports. And expect big savings across the board. There's no better place to start a Funko collection, or fill in the gaps to complete the set.