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    Diadora—between a glorious past and modern style

    A trace of la dolce vita, prominent brand ambassadors, and even now, a healthy dose of lifestyle. In Italy, Diadora shoes are a hit. What Adidas and Puma embody in Germany is the same thing that Diadora brings into play in southern regions. Finally, this has been achieved once again—after all, for almost a quarter of a century, Diadora dropped a bit out of the public consciousness. At the time, Diadora was positioned as a renowned sporting goods brand at the zenith of its wide appeal, when its steep ascent was suddenly interrupted. Diadora shoes actually had an excellent reputation at the time ...

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    Sprinting star Ben Johnson helps the brand Diadora achieve worldwide recognition

    ... and truly prominent brand ambassadors. Boris Becker wore them. While wearing them, Roberto Baggio volleyed the ball and sent it straight into the goal. And the legendary racing car driver Ayrton Senna was rarely seen without his Diadora shoes away from the racetrack. But ultimately, the name Diadora is especially closely connected with the former Canadian sprinting star Ben Johnson. And this, despite the fact that the relationship between the Canadian and Diadora is accompanied by tragic circumstances. And ended dramatically. Practically overnight. The starting point was the 1988 Olympic Games held in Seoul. The world was brimming over with excitement, eagerly awaiting the 100-metre finals. Ben Johnson, decked out in red and with Diadora spikes on his feet, is the bookmakers’ favourite. Just two lanes away from Johnson is the starting spot of the American superstar, Carl Lewis. A duel on a level playing field. The stadium clamours as the starting pistol goes off. After not even 10 seconds, it’s all over. A world record—Johnson wins in 9.79 seconds. It is the absolute highlight in the career of the swift Canadian. And with him, Diadora also climbs to the summit; Diadora shoes are more in demand than ever before. The competition looks enviously towards Italy.

    A last second rescue—Diadora shoes survive the sports world

    Then, the shock. Unexpected, but defining. Johnson is disqualified because of doping. And with his descent—for the time being—the spotlight that had surrounded Diadora with a bright shine began to dim. The appeal of the company, founded in 1948, and Diadora shoes, had temporarily experienced a noticeable decline. The competing brands around Adidas and Puma saw their chances improving. The economic conditions changed rapidly once again. Ben Johnson and his doping case had long been filed in media archives, as the founder of the famous shoe chain Geox gave Diadora and its shoes and sporting goods a lasting makeover. He quickly took over the Italian company with the glorious past, and successfully positioned the sporting goods manufacturer as completely new and modern. The brand Diadora has presented itself since then with a new look, composed of many stylish facets.

    A true comeback—customers queue up for Diadora sneakers

    In the meantime, sales volume of the sporting goods manufacturer Diadora is once more in the double digits; the company is making a profit once again. In Caerano di San Marco, a locale in Veneto, Diadora shoes and Diadora sneakers rose once again from the sidelines, like a phoenix from the ashes. Right now, sneaker stores are discovering Diadora shoes once again. As Diadora sneakers, they are causing quite a sensation. In addition to the Diadora V7000, the Diadora N9000 has become a new cult item worldwide almost overnight. Right away, it embodies the new lifestyle character of the Diadora sneakers. It combines the Diadora N9000 classic retro look with the trendy colours of today. But not only the Diadora N9000 and the Diadora V7000 enjoy great popularity. Right now, the Diadora Heritage is increasingly in demand across all generations. The Diadora Heritage collection strives to remind you of formidable victories and enterprises with its style. The fascination of the Diadora Heritage product line, which is inspired by the Diadora models of the 1970s and 1980s, is based on the interplay of colours, the style, and the materials used.

    From the Diadora N9000 to the Diadora Heritage models, right up to the Diadora V7000

    Whether you choose the Diadora N9000, the Diadora V7000 or the Diadora Heritage, you are guaranteed to re-experience the Diadora sneakers or the articles of clothing which were active participants in defining events in sports history. Therefore, in our shop, you’ll find either the Diadora N9000, the Diadora Heritage, or the Diadora V7000. The quality of Diadora sneakers or shoes is sure to excite you. If you’re a fan of tradition, and don’t frequent the track with your Diadora shoes, the Diadora Heritage collection is designed just for you. Intended for clubbing or the pedestrian zone, Diadora Heritage shoes—as stylish Diadora Sneakers—radiate a modern retro charm. This surrounds the Diadora Heritage sneakers with chic and coolness. Indicative of this is the fact that the British band Skunk Anansie or Katy Perry are satisfied brand ambassadors of the Diadora Heritage models.

    Diadora N9000 or Diadora V7000—it’s a tough call!

    However, it’s not only the Diadora Heritage models that are riding high. Right now, the Diadora N9000 models, as well as the Diadora V7000 shoe, have triggered a veritable explosion in popularity. This is due—in no small part—to the particularly stylish appearance of Diadora sneakers. For example, a Diadora N9000 model available from us is inspired by gondolas in Venice. The V7000 model Ferro—partially made of kangaroo skin—is also a real eye-catcher. The Diadora V7000 Blue Corsair also exudes premium character. With a beautifully soft leather combination, these chic sneakers could be just the right shoe for you. Or do you prefer the colour spectacle of the Diadora V7000 Azzuro? Let our website inspire you! Here, you’ll find the Diadora sneaker with varying character and lifestyle factors.

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