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    Hoodies as a fashion trend in 2016 – the hooded jumper makes a comeback

    Fashion experts, bloggers and the trendy street style queens are all agreed on one thing: the hoodie – the hooded jumper – is back. If before you would only ever wear your hooded jumper at home when chilling on the sofa, now you can wear it when out and about too. Like, for example, the hip and incredibly successful fashion blogger Chiara Ferragani, who this year is often to be seen sporting her hoodie. But celebrities themselves are constantly outing themselves as wearers of the comfy and cuddly hooded jumpers. Selena Gomez, Rita Ora, Kanye West and Rihanna wear their hoodies with slogans like Police or DHL when walking around Hollywood. And as a fashion designer Rihanna is making the most of the charm of a hooded jumper. When showing off her collection of hoodies designed for Puma at the New York Fashion Week the place was swarming with hoodies.

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    Hooded jumpers have a chequered relationship with fashion

    For a long time hoodies were scorned by the fashion industry. The image simply didn’t fit. If you wore a hooded jumper you were a rapper, a graffiti artist, a gangster or a hooligan – as the official line went. Instead of being seen on catwalks in the fashion capitals of the world, the hooded jumper was a staple of CCTV camera recordings and wanted posters. Now, this item of clothing with a dubious reputation and image has made the transition from sofa wear to fashion outfit. Famous brands like Nike and Adidas are setting real standards with their collections. As early as the 1980s Nike hoodies and Adidas hoodies were fashionable, but primarily in the rapper and graffiti scene. In the 1990s both men’s hoodies and women’s hoodies became practically a mass phenomenon. Even luxury designer collections got nowhere in terms of sportswear appeal without hooded jumpers. But from 2000 onwards hoodies went into the fashion wilderness, resigning themselves to an existence as sofa, travel or sport wear.

    Ladies’ hoodies: the possibilities are endless

    In the past few years, however, the hype around hoodies has grown in the world of fashion. Together with bomber jackets, slip dresses, mules with block heels and dresses which can be casually worn over trousers, ladies’ hoodies are right in the fashion spotlight. And in fact, a hoodie goes well with numerous outfits. For example, it can be worn as a bold choice to go with sexy knee-high boots, but it also produces an extremely cool effect with leather trousers or skinny jeans. Even if it’s a bit warmer outside women don’t have to forego their hooded jumpers. The high-quality, visually attractive hooded jumpers like Adidas hoodies or Nike hoodies are particularly in favour at the moment. Paired with a pencil skirt and pastel trainers, for instance, you can create your own individual style. A hoodie like the Adidas SC Hoody Leo will let you flaunt all the sex appeal you’ve got. Cropped shorter than other varieties and with an intriguing colour pattern around a mix of granite, black and white colours, you’re guaranteed to cause a stir with Adidas hoodies in the Hard Rock Café or at your own party.

    Men’s hoodies: from sporty to edgy via elegance

    For men, sporty is the height of fashion. On Casual Friday no man should be without a classic hoodie. In our shop you’ll find matching hooded shirts to ensure you get through the day in style. But it’s still the case that less is sometimes more. Sticking with the same prints is dull, so Nike hoodies and Adidas hoodies focus on simpler designs, but also on an unconventional style with exciting patterns. In our shop you’ll find hooded jumpers using asymmetric patterns or with long, narrow, body-hugging silhouettes. If you like things a bit more visually striking and a bit more luxurious, Nike hoodies are a particularly good choice; a hoodie like the flashy Nike Lebron Ultimate Hyper Elite hoodie was made with you in mind. But the Nike Kobe Mambula Hyper Elite Full Zip model, with its various shades of black, is also an eminently classy look. The Nike Hyper Elite Shooter hoodie is just as elegant, and in white with gold flashes on the left sleeve it’s both visually attractive and extremely versatile.

    Wide selection of Adidas hoodies, Nike hoodies and co

    Whether you’re looking for men’s hoodies or ladies’ hoodies – we’ve expanded our portfolio so that we have the right model to suit pretty much every taste. If you’re planning a sporty look, you’ll find just the right hoodies for you in the Puma and Adidas hoodies section. Of course we also offer Jordan and Nike hoodies, which prioritise sportiness. But sportswear manufacturer Nike themselves also offer a wide range of hooded jumpers which embody streetlife feeling or even flirt with an explicitly classy and elegant look. No question, with a hooded jumper from our store you’ll create sporty and visual highlights – a special kind of sportswear.

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