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    Adidas Deerupt: with attention-grabbing net

    People who run look better. You will be fitter, younger, more dynamic. Slim, more resilient and cheerful: that’s life as a runner. Running has an internal impact. Running has an external impact. Just look at the market for running gear. How many trends there are! The number of styles and combinations! Leading sports gear manufacturers, such as Adidas, are leading the way. The shoemakers from Herzogenrauch have set one benchmark after another. Adidas shoes have long since been liberated from the running track. They have conquered streetwear and are masters of subculture and high culture alike. With the Adidas Deerupt the company has found itself another sensation. These performance shoes are really eye-catching. Unique, alien, with a netted structure. Wherever you fancy going in your Deerupt trainers, one thing is sure: you will stand out.

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    Welcome to the world of mesh

    Mesh has really made a name for itself. For a long time this fascinating material was consigned to the shadows. It was hidden away in tricot fabric inside jackets and trousers, serving as a functional lining material. Then it was discovered by sports shoe manufacturers and things really took off. The Deerupt from Adidas is the most attention-grabbing evidence of its reputation. Mesh has earned this success. The synthetic fibre netting has characteristics which are the perfect complement for running shoes. Mesh is low-maintenance and crease-resistant. Mesh is light and helps regulate moisture. Mesh is cool. As cool as the Adidas Deerupt shoes.


    The shoe market is a place of discovery: shoe designers are constantly on the search for new and exciting materials. They particularly like to keep an eye on the sneaker and sports shoe market because here innovation is integral to the whole approach. Mesh is the darling of the fashion trade, turning up as a cool enhancement for boots, high heels and ankle boots. For Adidas, it made logical sense to go for a mesh design on the toe of the Adidas Deerupt. Even in the previous model, the Adidas Swift, the company was testing out mesh surface sections. Although in the Swift the net look was achieved using a Primeknit fabric rather than mesh. Adidas Primeknit is a knitted synthetic fibre material with stitches that lie more snugly together, creating a closer knit and delicate effect. This produces a discreet net finish. Whereas the Deerupt, on the other hand, is anything but discreet!

    Thoroughly styled right down to the sole

    A coarse-meshed, uniform net covers the mesh upper on the entire shoe. Even the soles on the Adidas Deerupt carry through this design. It looks as though the new performance shoes from Adidas have been put into a white string bag. The effect is simultaneously jarring and attention-grabbing. You can be absolutely sure: if you wear these shoes, you will have to answer a few questions. The new lifestyle sneakers have a pastel-coloured midsole made from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). With this choice of material, the sports giant has given the Deerupt the best damping material available on the market: durable, sturdy, insulated, with excellent shock-absorption and made from a single piece. However, there are no Boost soles. This gives the new design a slender, self-contained appearance. A deliberate contrast to its unusual surface construction.

    Sustainable, fully automated, Speedfactory

    Adidas is a trendsetter. This company understands what the market wants. And they are showing the way. Adidas is pioneer when it comes to Industry 4.0. The Adidas production facilities at its Speedfactory in Ansbach are fully automated with sustainable value chains and a “made in Germany” ethos. Small-scale production runs allow the sports giant to be more responsive to trends and indeed to set them itself. The Adidas Deerupt is perfect example of this. It puts the mesh design centre stage, making the cool netting the star of the show. To achieve this, Adidas has even sacrificed its characteristic stripes. There is just a discreet trefoil logo at the heel. The standard Deerupt is white. Colour versions will be available in anthracite, purple and red/blue.