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    Pick up a pair of dynamic Nike Tuned Grade School trainers

    Nike never fails to attract new audiences, with every new generation discovering fresh reasons to lace up Nike Jordan. Air Max, and Air Force trainers. Nike Tuned Junior is one of the hottest families in the Nike collection right now. Perfectly matched to a younger audience with its imaginative upper, bright colourways, and dynamic form, this is a sneaker that will still wow kids in the 2050s.

    Bringing Nike Tuned Junior designs right up to date

    The first girls' and boys' Nike tuned designs rolled off the production line back in 1998, when Nike sought to create a radically new spin on the Air Max template. Incorporating sinuous curves on the upper, with ribbed details to offset the classic Swoosh, Nike Tuned Junior shoes featured breathable fabrics and premium cushioning. All of this made them ideally suited to the needs of trainee athletes and urban fashion trendsetters. And today's range is, if anything, even more creative.

    You can't box Nike Tuned Grade School trainers inside a category

    From the start, Nike Tuned Junior and adult designs have resisted easy categorisation. Are they statement shoes that are designed to advertise the wearer's sportswear taste? Or are they performance trainers with advanced features to help kids beat their personal bests? In fact, the boys' and girls' Nike Tuned collections are both things at once, fitting neatly into lifestyle and performance categories - whatever the wearer demands.

    Nike Tuned Junior: Mixing 90s classics and totally new designs

    Footwear fans have a huge range of choices when picking Nike Tuned grade school trainers. For instance, they could opt for classic Tuned 1 silhouettes, which retain the original 1998 format (which hasn't aged a second). Or they could go for more contemporary designs with neon elements to add some energy to the mix. There are pure black and white options, urban-oriented ""Grime"" varieties, and much more. And all of the various Nike Tuned Junior styles are easy to find at Foot Locker.

    Order a fresh pair of Nike Tuned Grade School shoes at Foot Locker

    Having eye-catching footwear that feels comfortable and fits into everyday clothing collections isn't an optional extra. Everyone should have some Nike Tuned Junior shoes in their cupboard, ready to combine with tracksuits, jeans, sports apparel - or whatever outfits wearers prefer. And tracking down the perfect design is simple at Foot Locker. Our catalogue covers the whole Tuned grade school range, usually at incredibly low prices.