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    Sneakerness: bringing sneaker enthusiasts together

    Sneakerness 2018 touched down in Rotterdam over the weekend, and Foot Locker was there to catch all the action. For this winter edition, Sneakerness teamed up with Foot Locker to curate a special Nike Tuned exhibition, a Foot Locker Nail Bar and more…

    Every year, the event brings enthusiasts together to celebrate their long- standing passion for sneakers. Established in 2008, it has gone on to become a permanent fixture in sneakerheads’ calendar. It was the second year in a row that Sneakerness took place in Rotterdam. ‘Last year we organised Sneakerness for the first time in Rotterdam and it was a real hit. It was our most visited edition ever’, said Matthijs van der Meulen, the communication manager for the event.

    The resellers and visitors come from all over Europe. You hear various different languages at the stands and that’s what Sneakerness is all about: bringing people from different walks of life together. Sneakerfreaks get the chance to mingle and chat while snapping up some of the most droolworthy kicks around. It’s all about discovering the newest prototypes, bargaining for rare samples or getting inspired by amazing art. Maybe even trading for childhood favourites, meeting your first true love again or finding that one fantasy shoe you’ve been chasing down all these years. This year also featured an
    exhibition curated by Venour which showcased new work by local artists, such as Jelmer Konjo and Franky Sticks.

     Another special exhibition was curated by Foot Locker. We celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Nike tuned at Sneakerness. The rarest and most exclusive Nike TN models like Tigers and Hyperblues, never released samples and the brand-new four pack of Tuned’s were on display. And what is a celebration without a little gift? Foot Locker handed out the specially designed Nike Tuned pins for the TN lovers out there.

    Sneakerness always goes the extra mile to represent the street culture behind each beloved shoe. This year we saw DJ’s playing hip-hop, a claw machine where some got lucky and copped buzzworthy sneakers, a tattoo shop for the hard-core fans, a stand where you could customize your fresh kicks and a Foot Locker Nail Bar. The super skilled girls were there to make sure that the female fans left with a fresh, fun, sneaker-themed manicure. This weekend simply confirmed something we have long known to be true: A sneaker is much more than just a shoe.

    Meet Ginney Noa, sneaker enthusiast, fashion muse and accessory lover. Not only does her style steal the spotlight, but she also works hard to spread positive vibes with her blog ginneynoa.com. We’ve got to believe Nike’s tagline ‘The Force is Female’, so that’s why we met up with Ginney to talk sneaks, pins and everything in between.

    Hey, Ginney! Tell us something about yourself.

    I’m Ginney Noa (26), founder and creator of the blog ginneynoa.com. I’m based in Rotterdam and I’m also the vision behind the hashtag #mysneakermatch, a huge platform on Instagram where you can share your kicks for daily inspo. 

    How long have you been into sneakers? And what got you into collecting sneakers?

    It all started in 2008. I started working at a concept store in Rotterdam where they sold a lot of female streetwear brands. It was my first job in the big city and I was hooked from the start. In that time, I never did anything fun with my friends, all my money went on sneakers. And when I say all my money, I really mean all of it. I bought four pairs a week! That’s where the hype started, but the love grew when I bought the Jordan 3. It was an instant crush and the rest is history.

    What is your best cop?

    It’s a no-brainer that my favourite shoe is the Air Max 1. My best cop is therefore the Air Max 1 BRS. It hails from 2005 and is a real collector’s item. It took a while before I copped them, but when I finally got them I didn’t want to take them off. I even slept with them on, no joke!

    In your opinion, what’s one recent sneakerdrop that’s worth the hype and why?

    Anything that can be placed in the dad shoe category. I love the Yeezy 700; the hype is real with that one. And, of course, the OG colourways of the Nike Tuned!

    Let’s talk about the TN’s... What are your thoughts on the retro colourways?

    I get a bit nostalgic with these ones. The colourways bring me back to the time when the Nike Tuned was just out and a real hit. The TN’s created a lot of buzz: you

    either loved or hated them. I think people nowadays have grown into love them, embracing the silhouette.

    If you could bring back one colourway of the TN, which one would it be?

    I think every Tuned where there is pink involved, especially in combination with white. It’s my favourite colour and it makes your outfit instantly more feminine. I like my sneakers all pink.

    How would you describe your style?

    I find this a really hard question since my style is so eclectic. I really like the bohemian Coachella vibe. Especially for festivals with nice boots and braids. But on the other hand, I can be quite sporty with a tracksuit and a fresh pair of TN’s. For parties I go for oversized dresses paired with Jordans. So, basically almost everything haha. But if I had to name one thing then it would be urban with a twist of femininity. 

    How do you like to mix ‘n match with pins?

    First of all, I really like the Nike Tuned pins. I directly connect them to the shoes and their colourways. So cool!

    I always like to style each outfit with a pair of Nike socks. So, as a finishing touch I would attach them to my socks. But to make them really pop I would go for a waist bag. At home I have a waist bag fully covered with pins. All those pins are memories of countries I have visited or cool projects I did. I always take this bag with me to festivals together with an oversized denim jacket. A cool way to pimp a jacket (or any other piece of clothing) is with pins. It just gives that extra personality to any outfit. I like to accentuate certain features of my outfit and this is the perfect way to do that.

    What is your favourite accessory?

    I always say: ‘As long as your sneakers are on point, it doesn’t matter how basic your outfit is’.

    We are very curious how you styled your pins. Share your creation now with online.promo@footlocker.com and get the chance to win a photoshoot!