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    All the in's and out's of Fashion Week with NAYVA

    Meet your favourite new girl gang, NAYVA. With their show on Kyra TV, Angel, Faith, Esme and Jasmine are on a mission to break down barriers in fashion and beauty. To celebrate Foot Locker’s association with Fashion Week, the girls headed out to the three Fashion Weeks to hunt for the most fire ‘fits and captured it in three Instagram takeovers. Let’s dive a bit deeper into NAYVA and crack their style code with our quick-fire questions.

    Tell us a bit more about the all-girl concept behind NAYVA.

    A: We wanted to make something empowering for other young women.
    F: So we thought this was really our chance to make something meaningful and make something that girls can watch and relate to.

    E: NAYVA is all about expressing yourself by having fun with fashion and beauty.

    J: Giving other young girls the confidence to feel like they can express themselves. Fashion and beauty isn’t a permanent thing, you can experiment. It’s something you can take off at the end of the day, for us this is all about experimentation and fun.


    What makes you feel empowered?

    A: Being able to wear what we want, say what we want and do what we want.

    F: Not feeling any regret or remorse when doing so and just being ourselves at all times!

    J: Loving how I’ve chosen to dress and do my make-up before I step out of the house.

    E: Feeling like I’m a badass, how that feeling gives me loads of confidence and I don’t care what anyone else has to say.


    How would you describe your individual styles? 

    A: It’s ever-changing, that’s the thing about style - you don’t really have to choose one.

    F: Yeah, you don’t have to put yourself in a box! You can change every day depending on how you feel and what inspires you that day.

    J: I would say mine is 90’s inspired. I love street wear but usually try to mix it with a very clean style. I would say it’s sleek streetwear.

    E: Mine is very cosy and comfy; always baggy pants and dad creps


    What is your favourite pair of sneakers in the Foot Locker collection?

    A: I have too many! Buffalo’s, Nike TN’s, Air Max 97/95’s, and Air Force 1’s.

    F: Has to be the Air Force 1’s.

    E: Pink Air Force 1’s, the Valentine’s collection.

    J: Those ones are so cute! I really like the Valentine TN’s, those look so good.


    What is one piece of advice you’d give to young girls out there trying to do what you do?

    F: Be yourself and put yourself out there. Whether that’s with your music, art, or whatever. Use any platforms you have available to you and don’t be scared to share it.

    A: Put out the energy that you want to receive back!

    E: Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do anything. If you feel good in what you wear and how you style yourself everyday then f**k it, stay true to you always and always follow your heart.

    J: I would say one really big piece of advice is to say yes to as many opportunities as you can. Get out of your comfort zone. You are only going to get one step closer to figuring out who you are if you do that.


    What do you think of the integration of streetwear into high fashion?

    F: The Integration of streetwear into high fashion has just been amazing to see. It’s so cool to see the more laid back, swag vibe in a place of high culture. “Fancy” and “prestigious” are the usual themes associated with that industry, so it’s great to make it more fun and break down barriers with streetwear. There’s this element of exclusivity in high fashion and it shouldn’t be like that, that’s where the laidback parts of street style make it a little more accessible.

    A: I think for women especially in high fashion, there’s an expectation that you have to be in heels and a dress to be beautiful. I think that notion is being broken down because of the adoption of streetwear: a girl can turn up in a tracksuit and some sneakers and look just as great, if not better, than someone in, say couture.          

    J: We already know that fashion can be a very pretentious and serious industry and I understand why at times, but it doesn’t always have to be like that. I think adding in and being able to integrate streetwear into high fashion just allows for you to feel more comfortable and more functional and versatile. It’s just how it’s going now.

    E: I think it’s a badass statement.


    What’s a trend we should be following in SS/19?

    F: Trainers!

    E: Dad creps, even brands like Versace have started following this trend with their latest boots.

    J: I think we’re going to continue seeing platform and chunky shoes for the rest of the year. We saw so much of that in Milan - every other person had a pair of buffalos on!

    A: Sustainability. A lot of brands are starting to turn towards environmentally-friendly fabrics and manufacturing which is so great to see.



    Did you see a big difference in streetstyle between the FW cities?

    A: In London there’s tons of street wear integrated into high fashion, you can see people around with some crazy funky outfits!

    F: In Paris it felt a little more formal, everything is sleek and put together really well, traditional meets contemporary. All the cities have their own dynamic around street style.

    E: Most definitely. Milan Fashion Week was different, in the sense that it was more mature fashion. Clean and classic silhouettes.  At London Fashion Week everybody was much more creative, there was lots more colour.

    J: I think London is a lot more colourful than the other cities, surprisingly. Milan has a lot of high fashion influence, whereas I think London has really embraced streetwear to a different level. I think London has always been like that though, with a hybrid of styles. I always see people repping their Tn’s and their Air Forces, a trend that was really evident in London Fashion Week.


    Biggest highlight from all FW’s?

    F: Foot Locker taking us to the Asai Show. That was a really cool moment.

    A: Getting to dress up for the week, it was a dream come true!

    E: Biggest highlight for me was being able to travel to Milan and experience the city!

    J: Waking up in a new city, running straight to the Foot Locker stores, then hitting the streets and seeing the shows... I guess all of it!