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    Here is a holiday we TRULY can’t wait to celebrate. Video Games Day falls on September 12th and it’s the perfect excuse to spend a whole day in front of your favorite console. Don’t you wish this day could last all week?!

    It probably feels like video games have been around forever, yet they only date back to the 1940’s. And it wasn’t even until the 80’s that video games were available to the mainstream. Thanks Nintendo! And even now, we find ourselves entering new adventures - from newly released classics like the Legend of Zelda, Mario and Sonic to modern franchises such as Call of Duty and Fortnite. Whether you are a fan of old-school arcade games such as PacMan, the newest drops or – yes – even Candy Crush, nowadays there is a game for everybody.

    We have put together a selection of video-game related products which we think you will love. From retro game machines, to apparel and even shoes, there is everything you need to celebrate Video Games Day. Have a look at the selection and let the games begin!


    Elevate your style with Nike Tech Fleece

    Easy to wear and easy to style - Nike’s Tech Fleece has it all. On the street, on the court, or on the couch, the signature design of the Tech Fleece adds comfort and style to any occasion.  

    Made from an innovative knit fabric, the Tech Fleece offers a relaxed and easy feel that’s soft, lightweight and warm. The athletic construction offers ultimate freedom of movement while the signature zip pockets provide a secure spot for all your essentials.

    The Nike Tech Fleece is now available in a wide variety of hues and styles ranging from shorts to hoodies and from joggers to bomber jackets. Get yours and elevate your streetwear look now!


    Shoes Don’t Change the World. Being Yourself Does.

    Foot Locker’s new platform, ‘Shoes Don’t Change the World. You Do’, aims to inspire to bring change for the future. The platform’s second instalment is a call to self-love and confidence. Because change comes through diversity and acceptance. To help bring this story to life, we partnered up with UK-based Abisha and Jordan Charles to create a film about finding confidence in yourself to overcome challenges.

    Model and presenter, Jordan (@jazzyjordz), is using his voice to celebrate albinism and raise awareness of the importance of better representation. Jordan was 5 years old when a boy in school called him a ghost. The boy had never seen anyone with albinism, and neither had Jordan. Jordan has had to explain albinism the whole way through life, and the campaign highlights his inspirational story of breaking into the modelling industry to be the representation he never had. Jordan’s mentee, seven-year-old Elijah, is also featured within the campaign imagery and films.
    London-based queer musician and singer-songwriter, Abisha (@abisha) is passionate in her mission of inspiring her audience to embrace their differences fiercely and boldly. In school she felt like she was “sticking out like a sore thumb”, and as a black and queer woman, there were few role models she could look up to or relate to. Her love for song writing and turning her thoughts and feelings into lyrics is her therapy and has always been her way of expressing her true self. Today, Abisha writes songs about the things she needed to hear growing up, and the campaign highlights her story about accepting who you truly are, and how she’s on a mission to help others do the same through her music.
    To support the representation that Jordan and Abisha are fighting for, we are also partnering with TONL to create a special stock photography collection to continue their efforts. TONL is an organization with the goal of transforming stock photography by displaying images of diverse people and telling their stories from around the world.  By celebrating uniqueness and drive change we aim to inspire others to do the same. Watch the video below and join us!


    Fresh Collab: Foot Locker x Red Star

    This Summer, we have teamed up with Red Star FC to join them in their plans to support the young community of Paris St. Denis through the culture of football, aiming to promote equal access to Sports and Education.  

    The Red Star Lab is the club’s hub for bringing art, theater, dance, music and other genres to the younger players, offering them an opportunity to discover cultural and artistic outlets of expression. As part of their programs, educators, professionals and established artists share their knowledge in collective workshops to strengthen the team spirit and the players self-motivation, and want to sparkle curiosity for the world around them and the way they can change it.

    We believe that Foot Locker and Red Star Lab have similar DNA and we’re both determined to drive communities forward and to see young Red Star FC players thrive through the culture of sports. For the upcoming 2020/21 season and beyond, Foot Locker will fund and support unique workshops focused on supporting the Red Star community through education as well as providing the club with visibility in online and physical platforms.

    To celebrate our collaboration, we’ve just dropped the new Red Star 20/21 kit. The items are an artistic work that represent the history and identity of the club in a visual language that can travel. Designed by acid fc, the jersey features symbols that represent youngsters, the club, famous players, fans, Bauer and The Olympique. Discover the collection below and cop your favorite to show your support!


    The new Nike VaporMax 2020 weighs in with at least 50% trash—and 100% style

    Prepare to be amazed because Nike has raised the bar yet again! The new Nike Air VaporMax 2020 Flyknit is the brand’s most sustainable design yet, providing you a more sustainable sneaker, packed with innovation and ready for everyday wear.

    Created from recycled and leftover materials from their own factory floor, this sneaker was crafted with one mission in mind – create a bold new style with a reduced carbon footprint. And by introducing the Nike Air Vapormax 2002 Flyknit, made from at least 50% recycled content by weight, a full-length Air unit made with at least 75% recycled material and the outsole made with at least 4% Nike Grind rubber, they achieved just that.

    Sounds amazing right?! Hold on because it’s about to get even better - the sustainable materials, aren’t the only innovation added to the new VaporMax. Nike’s vision of a more sustainable future starts with making sure everybody can take part in it. That’s why the Air VaporMax 2020 Flyknit is designed with laceless FlyEase technology, specifically designed to secure the fit with one hand. This quick and easy system only needs one pull to tighten and release, making it easier than ever before to get in and out of your sneakers.

    The Nike Air VaporMax 2020 Flyknit is now available at Footlocker in a wide variety of colorways.  Get yours now and make sure to be part of the future of footwear!



    We’re committed to work alongside the youth community to inspire change for the future. We believe that they are the ones who lead the way - but we will offer them the assets, access and products to equip them with the confidence to do it. We want to lend our platform to these voices of youth to be their ally for achieving real progress.

    With voices of the future, we will be shining a light on artists and creators who are standing for equality and inspiring youth in their communities around Europe. By sharing our platform, we want to support these powerful voices and give them the chance to tell their story and most importantly – give us and our audience the opportunity to listen.

    To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with 5 influential changemakers throughout Europe who are creating and inspiring change within their communities, shifting the world to create something better. Meet - UK based Ashton Attzs and Jade Pearl, French based Marvin Bonheur and David Blank and Muriel Elisa De Gennaro, of Italy.

    London-based queer, non-binary artist Ashton uses art to create paintings and illustrations which empower the everyday person and tackle important conversations. Using a colorful palette, their distinctive and diverse animated characters are joyful and bold, both in style and message.
    Photographer Marvin grew up in ‘the 93’, just outside Paris and was inspired to use analogue photography to capture and evoke memories from his childhood in the Parisian projects. Still inspired by local communities, Marvin uses his passion for photography to compellingly capture moments of hope and dreams.
    Italian based Muriel has a strong voice within the LGBTQ+ community and uses her platform to celebrate the community, whilst also encouraging self-love and body positivity.
    An abstract artist, illustrator and model, Jade uses her creativity to convey powerful messages to her audience. From actively supporting the Black Lives Matter movement to celebrating key workers, she uses bright and beautiful colors to inspire and uplift others, with powerful messaging beneath the surface.

    Milan-based, Italian-Nigerian singer-songwriter, David describes himself as an artist, fierce, black, fearless, queer and feminist. His unique sound encapsulates his feelings and aims to take listeners on a journey, inspiring hope and bringing people together.


    Reebok Aztec Princess – No Ordinary Princess

    “A princess to me is someone that thrives to be independent and helps others as much as they can" -  EVA.LGN

    Together with Reebok - we’re committed to redefine and reshape any old notions of princesses. From this moment on, people won’t remember a princess who waited around for support, they’ll remember a princess who created her own success.

    “For me, a princess is someone who knows their values” – Andy 4000

    This season, we invite you to take your new Reebok Aztec Princess sneakers and follow your own path. Don’t settle for just anything – express yourself and make things happen. It’s time to create your own crown.

    Parisian DJ, Andy 4000 and Milan based model, EVA.LVGN are at the forefront of our princess revolution. These modern leaders are on a mission to fuel self-expression in their cities and use their stories to empower women around them.

    We invited our ‘No Ordinary Princesses’ to style the brand-new Reebok Aztec Princess in their own way and flaunt them around their local scenes.  Now we challenge you to do the same. Grab your crown and rule the city your way.

    “It’s not about how the city moves you, it’s about how you move your city”.


    Black culture shapes Sneaker culture

    Over the coming months we will be shining a light on black artists and creators who are standing for justice and equality and inspiring youth in their communities around Europe. By sharing our platform, we want to support these powerful voices and give them the chance to tell their story and most importantly – give us and our audience the opportunity to listen.

    Meet the first talents and their art below and find out about the creative way they express themselves.

    @attzs_ “As a queer black artist and illustrator; my work has always centered and celebrated marginalized identities and communities. I use my art as a tool to highlight the voices we don’t hear enough from and to bring joy to people who need it. There’s a lot of heaviness in the air, life feels more raw than usual. Black people are tired, but we’ve been tired! What’s going on now, has happened before, happens all the time and will only continue to happen unless people are authentically and truly committed to change. Now is not just a “moment“ but this time, people have been given a chance. In front of all of us, lies the opportunity for this movement to lead to real, tangible, promised and positive change.

    I created this illustration in solidarity with all who are feeling this energy and are showing up in different ways. It’s a message to all protesters worldwide who are demanding justice for an anti-racist world. It’s a symbol of honor to all victims of police brutality and systemic racism. But it’s also a reminder to anyone who can’t participate in public demonstrations that there are countless ways to change the world. From signing petitions, donating to organizations, protestors, victims and black owned businesses, to challenging the ignorance of others and self-educating, these are just some of the ways people can implement action in their own lives. We NEED to keep our foot on the gas. ALL Black lives matter and have always mattered.”
    @monsieurbonheur “I quickly understood that my skin color and my home place would keep my options closed so I decided to follow my mom's advice: run faster, jump higher and speak louder than the others. Photography for me was born from a rebellion and a thirst for revenge. A rebellion against stereotypes and injustices. I would like to break those walls and above all, empower the young generation that has been excluded from society. I think it's important to create links between people, deconstruct stereotypes and shine a light on diversity's beauty. I have always been fascinated by those women and men who consecrate themselves to the oppressed person. It's an incredible feeling to show all those privileged people on our side in this movement. "The New World" I don't know! But, today, this awareness and those alliances go down in history. And I have hope for us.”

    @equeenzcommunity: "We are all different: origins, color, culture but we are all Human. In this time, we feel it is important to to Unite, to make our differences a strength and share it through our passion for dance"

    @Createlamine: "As key figure in the dance scene, it's my responsibility and duty to
    not only come together for celebration but also showcase unity as part of change."

    @jadepearl “Art has always been a chance for human beings to express truth through their own eyes. The state of the world is such where our eyes are often fixated on the surface. Anything from skin color to stereotypes; from social media to social facades. When I create, I create from what I see beneath the surface; colors bright and beautiful, uplifting and happy, colors that represent well-being. When we focus on what’s lies beneath the surface, there – and only there – do we have hope for restoring unity, power and a sense of togetherness.”

    @jasminsehra “The importance of coming together as a community has been prevalent recently and we can only move forward in a positive light and yield real change if we do so TOGETHER. I’ve found that it’s important to LEARN about the happenings of the world around us. REFLECT on and QUESTION what we don’t know and elevate ourselves individually, ensuring we do our part COLLECTIVELY. RESEARCH and EDUCATE ourselves; constantly STAY AWARE in knowing and BE ACTIVE in doing. There are battles we witness society undergo daily, and it’s up to us to SUPPORT and TAKE ACTION and MAKE A DIFFERENCE... FULL STOP.”


    @shakka.d.badmon: “This piece is called inherited pain, it depicts a parent and their child both upset, the parent is overseeing the child and crying for the future of their child, the child not knowing what's going on see's their parent upset and being so young, their innocence is unscathed. They don't know why their parents are upset, nor can the parent tell them because of this, the child is upset over just the mere fact the parent is.

    They won't know where the tears originally stem from until they come of age. This is a reflection upon society and the way the black community go through life. We often witness our parents from a young age go through hardship but how long is it till we experience those situations ourselves and the cycle continues. 

    This piece is a reminder to us all the we need to break the systematic cycle of oppressing the black community. We need to create unity, so we can all find peace. It's important we educate ourselves from microaggressions and gas lighting, to colorism and mental health. All these issues impact people differently, and we need to be mindful of that. We are on the right path, people are starting to understand the wrongs and rights of discrimination which is an improvement compared to previous years documented in history. We are on the cusp of change, let's not ease the foot off the gas of this vehicle but rather full throttle it till the gas runs out.



    It’s officially summer again! That means this is the perfect moment to upgrade your wardrobe. Get warm weather ready with us and start the season off in style with the latest items streetwear has to offer.
    Still searching for inspiration? Look no further. Details in poppin’ colors is where it’s at this season. So, don’t be shy and bring out those hues.
    While your summer plans might be different from previous years, breezy styles are still an absolute must for all those upcoming backyard hangouts with your closest friends. From dresses to shorts and from slides to lightweight sneakers – we’ve got you covered. Discover our wide range of summer streetwear now!



    At Foot Locker, we celebrate uniqueness and those who dare to embrace it. We think that being unique is a lot cooler than following the crowd. Beauty is everywhere.

    That’s why our latest collection celebrates you and what makes you special. These styles are crafted for those who aren’t afraid to show themselves, as they truly are.

    Are you ready to join us in celebrating our uniqueness together?



    Every year on May 15th the world celebrates the International Day of Families. As family is one of the most important things in life, this day puts a spotlight on all families of every shape and size.

    Whether you’re living in one household or can’t visit your relatives due to the current situation, we encourage you to reach out and show how much you appreciate them. Think of this day as a great excuse to get creative and find some fun things to do with your family - digital or otherwise.

    And what better way to spend this day than to shop for matching outfits! Family-twinning has been a trend for quite some time now and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. From sweatshirts to sneakers, there’s really no reason to keep your favorite items all to yourself.

    We want to take the opportunity to show our support for everyone that’s part of the Foot Locker family. Let’s make this day about bonding and spending (digital) time with our loved ones.

    Happy Family Day!



    At Foot Locker, we believe music connects us and encourages us to express ourselves. Therefore, we’ve teamed up with several upcoming talents from dancers to singers for the latest drop of our ‘Live in Color’ collection. Join us, as we celebrate people who dare to make a statement!

    Tired of blending in? Good! We invite you to find whatever it is that sets you apart and flaunt it! Be yourself, everyone else is taken. To inspire you, we’ve selected unique styles from the biggest brands. Bold, neon hues is where it’s at this season. So, don’t be afraid to stand out, show who you are and what you believe in.


    Comfort Meets Style in The New Nike Air Max Verona

    First released in 1992, the Nike Verona was the first women’s exclusive Air Max Shoe. Now almost 30 years later, the iconic silhouette is back bringing more style and comfort than ever before!

    The latest addition to Nike Sportswear borrows elements of the classic 90’s Air Max but elevates its style with bright colors and an exaggerated, oversized heel. However, the unique look isn’t the only thing that makes this style special. The sneakers are designed with Air Max 200 units, providing maximum comfort as the Air units are 200 percent larger than the traditional models.

    The Nike Air Max Verona is now available at Foot Locker. Check out the latest addition to the women’s collection and be the first to cop this latest release!


    Foot Locker Invites ‘the Voices of The Future’ to speak on inclusivity During Fashion Week

    This Fashion Week, we’re shining a spotlight on women that are striving for real change in fashion. These progressive voices all have their own story and we want to take this opportunity to show you what they stand for and what they’re doing to stir the industry towards a more inclusive future.

    During London, Paris and Milan Fashion Week, we’ll be covering the grounds and teaming up with talents who want to share their story with us. Last week we spoke to creative director, @ellessechar in London. We asked her about her experiences in fashion and the aspects she would want to see redefined. Check out her video below and find out about what she has to say about equal representation within the industry.

    Model @samisc_from Milan and body positive influencer @noemiecurvyvibes from Paris, are up next so make sure to keep an eye out on our social channels.

    In the meantime, head over to our new trend page for inspiration as we cover the freshest looks streetwear has to offer. Also, we’d like to invite you to keep tagging @footlockereu in your pics. Let us know what inspires you and what you think the trends are for the upcoming season.



    As spring is getting closer and closer, it’s time to take your style to the next level. And what better way to do that than with bright colors! Our latest collection, Live in Color celebrates Foot Locker’s upcoming color trends: popping orange mixed with black.

    To get you inspired, we’ve curated some special looks for you to check out. From color-block hoodies to sweatpants and sneakers, these looks will definitely make a statement. So, don’t be afraid to stand out this season and bring the bright colors of the street to your outfit!

    To celebrate the launch of our new collection, we’re giving away a full Jordan outfit and if you’re a FLX-member you have a chance to win! The prize includes a Jordan hoodie, a pair of Jordan sweatpants and Jordan sneakers. Click here to enter.


    NBA X Foot Locker

    The Charlotte Hornets and the Milwaukee Bucks will play in the NBA’s first regular-season game in Paris at the AccorHotels Arena on Friday, January 24, 2020. As official partner of the NBA we’ve teamed up with the most exciting brands to organize a variety of events and in-store experiences to bring you the best that the NBA has to offer.  
    From January 23 to 26, you can pay a visit to NBA Courtside. A unique basketball experience for true basketball fans held at Halle des Blancs Manteaux in the 4th Arrondissement in Paris. This fan event will be a destination to experience the NBA at the heart of Paris. You can also look forward to appearances by Charlotte Hornets Legends Muggsy Bogues and Dell Curry and Milwaukee Bucks Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, as well as mascots, dunk teams and many more. Register here for your chance to attend: https://www.nbaevents.com/europe/nbahouseparis/
    Make sure you also stop by our Foot Locker store on the Champs Elysee. From January 17th, the store will feature iconic art pieces from Steven Nash, and unique Spalding basketball collaborations.   During this time, you’ll even have the chance to win seats for the game! On January 23rd the one and only Hornets Mascot will make an appearance at the store so make sure you don’t miss it.
    Be sure to show your love for the game by customizing your New Era caps, this service is free from the 23rd to the 25th of January. And if this was not enough, try your luck at the NBA x CREP Protect “Cop or Flock” vendor machine, where you test your skills and win some footwear heat. Off Whites, Jordans, Yeezys are up for grabs.
    To celebrate the big game, our Foot Locker stores in Rome, Amsterdam, Cologne, Milan and London carry an exclusive NBA collection so you can show your support for your favorite team. You can also cop these items right here below.

    But that’s not all. We’ve collaborated with multiple influencers from around Europe to show you all what will happen during the game and backstage. Stay tuned on our IG @footlockerEU and keep an eye out on our blog for exclusive content straight from the court and beyond.



    Our holiday celebrations are still going strong and that means that we’ve got some more collaborations for you! Over the last month, we’ve traveled to Italy, France and England to pay homage to youth culture and visit talent as they give back to their local communities. In the spirit of hope, gratitude and unity we followed rapper Priestess, singer-songwriter and rapper Not3S and French Football club Red Star F.C. to find out what these values mean to them.

    Gratitude is the most important value for Rapper Priestess. She wants to give back by helping upcoming artists in the same way that other artists helped her, when she was just starting out. Red Star F.C. wants to give back to their local community by giving young people hope and a place to turn to. Not3S believes that unity is the most meaningful value of all. Discover their full stories in the videos below.

    This season, we highlight all of these values to show our appreciation for all of you. Happy Holidays!



    The holiday period is a time of giving. That’s exactly why we partnered up with rising talent around Europe to pay homage to youth culture in the spirit of powerful holiday values: Giving, Joy, Gratitude, Hope, Love and Peace. We asked each visual artist to choose a value and showcase what this personally means to them in an illustration. Each of their art pieces have been collected and put up in an exhibition in Foot Locker stores around Europe. Check out all featured pieces below and learn more about the artists’ personal interpretations and their inspiration.

    This piece is inspired by questioning the concept of hope. Hope is something we want or wish to happen; a feeling of trust, a place we want to go or someone we want to see. This time of year, we re-imagine our hopes and set new ones for the upcoming times.
    I decided to illustrate a block party. To me, this is the place where people come together, regardless of their differences. This piece represents how we all have things in common, and our differences shouldn’t stop us from getting along.
    I decided to portray a couple who not only obviously have great love for each other but also like to express that in their street wear, showing their bond and love for everyone to see! The kiss is a metaphor for the passion they have & share for fresh kicks.
    I experiment with different perspectives, 2D and 3D. I also like to play with shapes and colors. The ghost represents the holiday spirit itself, happy with its gifts. But the spirit is actually there to remind us that perhaps the new kicks are merely at the start of realizing what we are truly grateful for.
    My style is often inspired by modern street culture and storytelling I combined these two for this piece in order to create a bold message within the canvas. The hands in this case represent the act of giving.
    My style is often inspired by modern street culture and storytelling I combined these two for this piece in order to create a bold message within the canvas. The hands in this case represent the act of giving.


    Perry Ellis America: true American style

    Let us introduce you to the newest addition to our apparel family - Perry Ellis America. Launched in 1984, Perry Ellis America stands up to the test of time and brings you plenty of nostalgic goodness with contemporary attitude.

    Ambitious and youthful, the brand embodies the essence of the American dream. Its clean, no-nonsense designs are brightened by high-contrast color choices and spiced up by a clear nod to the past.

    Discover our hand-picked selection and prepare yourself to be wowed.


    Stand Out In Bold Colors

    Winter is coming… 

    Even though you’ve probably heard that saying somewhere before (read: Game of Thrones), it doesn’t necessarily have to mean something bad. For us, the colder season gives us a reason to upgrade our wardrobe and give it a total refresh. Get ready because we’ve got some musthave styles for you! 

    As you know, winter is all about layering and what better way to do that than with bold colors?! From bright reds to bold color-blocking, these styles will definitely turn some heads. 

    Feeling confident? Go for a flashy monochromatic sweater for an eye-catching look. Too out-there for your style? combine bold details with classic designs or black/white apparel or sneakers to add a perfect contrast to your outfit. 

    Whichever way you choose to go, one thing is certain - with these items you’ll definitely make a statement. 


    Back To The OG: Nike TN3

    First introduced in the early 2000’s, the Nike Air Max Plus, or better known as “TN” were a cultural phenomenon right from the start. Now two decades laterthe iconic sneakers return in its original colorway “Hyperblue”.  

    To celebrate this moment, we’ve teamed up with Nike to take rapper AJ Tracey on a trip down memory lane to the neighborhood where it all began for him – Ladbroke Grove, West London. The British rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer still remembers those days “My Nike’s has seen a lot of action”, he reminisces. Today, he is living his dream, creating music and he gets to call people that he used to look up to back in the day, his friends. 

    Music is everything to AJ Tracey. Without music he wouldn’t know where he’d be. “I took my new Nike’s out on the Risky Roads, I Tuned my Airs, and we are here now because of what we come from.”

    Check out the video below to find out all about his journey and don’t forget to discover the new Nike TN3 to get all the feels of nostalgia.  


    Dare To Explore

    You’re not made an explorer, you’re born one. For us, every day is an adventure. Because unlike traditional explorers, we see adventure in anything, anytime and anywhere. 

    This season, Foot Locker encourages you to step into the unknown and explore untapped territories that go beyond the familiar city lights. Get inspired as reflective elements, mountain logos and neutral colors take center stage this fall. Inspired by hiking gear, our latest collection takes your favorite urban pieces to the outdoors and introduces possibilities to your outfit without any restrictions. Because who has time for travelling 1000s of miles to the Alps, when the biggest mountain is your city. 

    Start your day at your favorite coffeeshop downtown and be free to go wherever your day takes you. From hang outs with your friends at the park in the adidas cargo pants to evening walks in a new neighborhood in your favorite cozy Nike fleece jacket. Wherever you decide to go, these styles will add ultimate flexibility to your outfit while elevating your street style game to a whole new level.

    Go on and start exploring, because in this concrete jungle there’s an opportunity to discover something new around every corner.