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    Refresh Your Game

    Part II

    It’s time for a refresh and with a seasonal change ahead - now is that moment. This Fall, Foot Locker encourages you to reinvent yourself and fully embrace your way of self-expression. Whether you’re going back to school, back to work or heading in a new direction, make your journey one to remember. 

    To inspire you, we’ve teamed up with two up-and-coming artists as they reimagine their way of self-expression. Over the summer, Foot Locker encouraged them to discover territories they’ve always been inspired by, yet never had a chance to explore. 

    North London rapper and producer Louis VI is one of these artists. He describes his music as a soulful answer to hip-hop. Growing up in a household with a mother that he refers to as an encyclopedia of music, his tracks are a melting pot of various influences. By taking inspiration from other music genres he continues to evolve as a musician and bring his way of self-expression into undiscovered areas. This season, we’ve accompanied him on his search to introduce jazz influences to his music and let live instruments play a bigger part in his performances.

    “My music is music for misfits. It fits in so many different forms and changes so much. It is something that is forever evolving. I’m not scared to try different things instead of trying to tick a box to fit in”. Louis VI – hip-hop artist / musician

    Together with our talents we invite you to find your unique way of expressing yourself, whether it be in school, at work or by learning a new skill. It’s time to refresh your game, with of course - a fresh look to match.