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    Be Light On Your Feet With the Puma Rise

    Looking for a fast, furious sneaker for indoor games? Bring on the Puma Rise. This popular shoe has been through several high and low-cut models over the last few years. What they all share is a slim, stripped-back design that makes some other trainers out there look downright overweight. And because this isn't a shoe for staying on the sidelines, there are some bold, eye-grabbing colourways to be had too.

    Let Puma Be Your Wingman

    The Puma Rise is designed mainly for playing handball, which is a popular game throughout Europe and especially in Germany, where Puma is based. The ability to accelerate, jump and pivot are at the heart of handball game play, and that's why Rise shoes are built to be lightweight and agile. They're also intended for indoor courts, where most handball matches are played.

    Strapped For Action

    Because it's made for speed, the Puma Rise is constructed from soft mesh, with only a little padding around the ankle. Depending on the model, there's at least one strap across the foot to help with lock down, as well as laces that you can tighten. Later releases have ramped up the use of the company's proprietary performance tech, including a special seamless, form-fitting mesh, TPU inserts into the sole to help with stability and a foam pad under the heel for extra lift.

    A Performance Shoe That Gets Points For Style

    Most likely you'll be pairing up the Puma Rise with your team strip or your usual warm-up kit. That said, its funky colourways and trendy soft construction mean that it certainly isn't short of streetwear appeal. If you're taking these shoes out on the town, the main tip is to go for narrow leggings or trousers that you can tuck inside the ankle, as that's where most of the major design features are located.

    Why Pounce on the Puma Rise at Foot Locker?

    If you're looking for a good deal on the Puma Rise or other popular sneakers, you can't do better than to begin your search at Foot Locker. We always have a great choice of sizes, colours and rare editions, and it takes just a few moments to order online and get your new kicks speeding towards you through the post.