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    Brand Puma x Model Phenom x

    Puma Phenom makes a fashion statement Fashionable.

    Functional and fearless: A Puma shoe designed for women of courage. Women who battle their way through each day, constantly facing new challenges. The Puma Phenom stands for strong support, making a genuine statement, guaranteeing a hip, casual look on all occasions.

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    Puma Phenom by Selena Gomez: a double feature of dynamism and courage

    Puma did a good job in acquiring the services of Selena Gomez. As an ambassador for the sportswear manufacturer Puma, the multi-talented lady is exactly what characterises Puma Phenom: attractive, striking, but not aggressive - stylish and above all dynamic. Selena Gomez does far more than just promoting and advertising the sports company in Herzogenaurach, she was also actively involved in designing the new shoe which is part of the Puma Collection's wide range. In her roles as a singer, actress, on stage or now as a Puma Celebrity Creative Director - Selena Gomez is an all-rounder, always full of energy, dynamic, going her own way, focussed on her goal. Puma Phenom sneakers are the right shoe for you, a hands-on expression of energetic vibrancy and more than anything else, your courage.

    Authentic street-style look as an alternative to the ever-present retro hype

    That's exactly how it is. Take a look at the Puma Phenom by Selena Gomez in our shop. This sneaker is an absolutely genuine fashion statement, of an extra-special quality, with an ultra-fresh dynamic image, its playful design noticeably superior to other models recently launched on the market. Even though the Puma Phenom Velcro fastener is integrated into the shoe design as a homage to the 80s, it has its own character. Other sneaker designers launch one retro range after another, but Puma Phenom has deliberately marginalised the vintage effect seen everywhere today. Some people prefer the fact that sneakers have become more subtle and elegant in style and shape. Italian manufacturers even offer tailor-made models. In contrast, Puma and Selena Gomez as brand ambassador have given Puma Phenom Sneakers a real street-style image.

    Puma Phenom: Trendy silhouette as predominant feature

    The Puma Phenom, with its high sheath, radiates pure energy, a symbiosis of sporty elements and superlative moments. A hip-casual and stylishly elegant touch adorns this creation/combination – according to the colour combination. All variants of Puma Sneakers have one thing in common: the sneakers have a trendy silhouette, with a high-powered effect, radiating self-confidence. The wide Velcro fastener is the most predominant feature, combined with the classic lacing in the sneaker´s upper area, contrasting the brand imprint and wide rubber sole. The upper is made of a special mix of material and synthetic substances, designed to be breathable. Puma Phenom Sneakers also have pull straps on the tongue and heel. The sole has a stable construction, effective absorption and is comfortable to wear.

    The sole is constructed in a very special way. Puma used all of its ingenuity and included a whole range of high-quality functions. Ignite, a technology developed by Puma, defines the midsole. The technology ensures effective absorption on different types of ground. Puma also uses Imeva technology in the midsole, which, in addition to its absorption properties, has high stabilisation levels. The outsole is extremely wear-resistant, very flexible and equipped with an anti-slip system. The insole has been optimised compared to other models, it can be removed and contoured, and its cushioning makes walking and running more comfortable. The sneaker's modern, casual style makes the Puma Phenom from Selena Gomez a real winner, thanks to its supple feel when worn and comfort when running.

    Combine your Puma sneakers with all kinds of outfits

    Other celebrity alliances exist in addition to the Puma Phenom and Selena Gomez team. Popstar Rihanna, Kylie Jenner from the Kardashian clan and the British supermodel Cara Delavigne have been seen wearing the new Puma sneakers. Since this model was released, it's attracted an enormous star following and become a cult product. Want to have your own pair of trendy sneakers? Our website is the right place to buy Phenoms in different designs. Accentuate your feminine side by choosing the Puma model in pink. If you prefer black shoes, a whole range of combination options is open to you. According to which outfit you wear - the Puma Phenom adds a sensual, casual, hip, stylish or elegant touch. The Puma sneaker can even be worn with a trouser suit for a smart business look in the office. Puma Phenom sneakers are the perfect footwear for every workout, from a functional and fashion perspective.