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    Puma Basket Heart DE

    Reinterpreting a classic: Puma Heart becomes a real heart-breaker

    Rihanna has her Fenty series. Caroll Lynn has the Careaux collection. Kylie Jenner has them too and Cara Delevinge has been working them since 2016. They are all the prominent faces leading the hype about Puma Basket. The motto here is something that has to be lived out: Old School meets fashion and style. There are no compromises, but the look is about always being stylish and having that special touch. One thing is the most important: having that a feminine touch. And it’s no wonder when you have stars like Rihanna, Cara Delevinge and co. rocking these shoes....

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    That’s how this legendary formation works - Walt "Clyde" Frazier is the sponsor behind Puma Basket

    You have to remember that the Puma Basket sneakers were launched in the 1970s. as a shoe purely designed for basketball. The new shoes caused a great stir, especially on the Hip-Hop scene. This was an amazing development. And there’s one name that will always be associated with the classic versions of the Puma Basket sneakers: Walt "Clyde" Frazier. The NBA star of the 1960s was the first player in the American basketball league to get a signature shoe, the Puma Clyde. And that sporty shoe quickly found its way into the history books. From this signature shoe came the Puma Basket, which was designed specifically for basketball games. However, it wouldn’t always be that way. Over the course of the years, the sneakers left behind their basketball image and became a popular all-rounder.

    The Puma Heart model reveals the new sneaker look

    When the Puma Heart first appeared on the scene, the sneaker model was quickly seen as an icon. The transition from a pure basketball model to the now legendary sneaker was accomplished. In addition to the Hip Hoppers, now also others discovered the Puma Basket and adopted it as the most stylish shoe for them. And our story doesn’t end there. The Puma Heart model came to embody the street life look of the model series. There was hardly a party, a club or a cool street café, where you wouldn’t see the Puma Heart being worn by several people. In 1995, Puma, the sporting goods manufacturer from southern Germany, succumbed and brought the Super Basket onto the trade, as there was such a strong demand for the Puma Basket with its fashionable look which reflected the spirit of the time.

    Stylish, iconic, fresh: A reinterpretation that sets new fashion standards

    Now, in the second decade of the 21st century, Puma took a deep look at their retro archive and decided to create a reinterpretation of the classic Puma Basket. The straightforward street style character and the much-praised shoe comfort are, of course, features that haven’t been ignored in this modern variant. But small changes to the detail and new applications make the Puma Basket the most legendary and iconic sneakers within the world of pop culture. It’s clear that there are also have many revised models available on the online shop. Take a look and let yourself be inspired by the range of models on offer. It's worth it, if you're looking for something that has style and is chic, and which blends retro attitudes and a huge selection of color-ways.

    You’ll be spoilt for choice! At our shop you will find a large selection of different variants

    Young girls and fashion-conscious women will soon fall head over heels when they see what we’ve got on offer. For example, you can opt for the Basket Platform Diamond Crush model if you’d like an elegant suede look with a sporty design, as this model is based on the old tennis shoe classics. Or perhaps you’d prefer the Basket Platform models with their ribbed platform soles, which embody discreet elegance, sporty coolness and modern street look. You might also want to check out the Basket Metallic sneakers, which feature a continuous red-black pattern, making them stand out on the street and at every party as real visual treat for all. If you want something more solid, then the Platform Elemental Variations offer up a first-class solution. With these shoes, you’ll always leave behind a positive, lasting impression whether you’re out doing business or jumping between appointments.

    The Puma Basket Heart inspires ladies around the world

    The crown gem of all the collections is surely the newly designed Puma Basket Heart, which drives all women crazy. The actual silhouette of the sneaker has been preserved; as in the original version, sportiness continues to be the main focus. But now you have a choice! You can either tie your Basket Heart with extra-large laces or tie them with a large satin bow. The French would probably see this kind of adaption as très chic. And rightly so! To finish off the look, the tied satin loop makes the Puma Basket Heart truly exceptional footwear as it adds a sporty look with a striking feminine charm. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Puma Basket Heart has become a show stealer in the fashion industry; or perhaps it’d be better to describe these shoes as real heartbreakers. And, last but not least, they give inspiration to all who lay their eyes on them. Whether it’s Rihanna, Cara Delevinge, Kylie Jenner or Caroll Lynn - all of these women have been spotted out and about with their Puma Basket Heart sneakers. They were all inspired by the different versions and, together with the Puma designers, had a say in shaping this shoe’s look and feel.

    Male sneaker fans will also get their money's worth!

    Not all of the models from the new Basket Collection have a feminine touch. We’ve not forgotten about the boys! The models for men look cooler and are more casual than ever, with partial boundaries that reflect style, coolness and wild colour combinations. While the Basket Ripstop series is both simple and discreet, there are also models in the portfolio that have their own stylish and freaky character. The best example of this is the Puma Basket Dee & Ricky Nyc, which was carefully created and designed by the two fashion designers. With its white sole and the upper material in a bright orange leather, the design is interrupted by the infamous Puma emblem and other applications- both completely in blue. You can be sure of one thing; this is design is a real eye-catcher with an impressive Wow effect. Looking to crank it up a notch? The design of the Puma Basket Mid Dee & Ricky Big A is even more impressive. This design, with its incredibly unique colour scheme, sneaker fans are guaranteed to go berserk when they try these bad boys on.

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