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    Brand Nike x Model Sock Dart x

    Nike Sock Dart - means puristic design and wearability create a cult legend

    The designers probably had the right instincts as they bought the Nike Sock Dart to the market around 12 years ago. After all, the design, which seemed radically futuristic at the time, hasn't lost one iota of its original effect. With the Nike Sock Dart, Nike designers have once again demonstrated that some products are simply far ahead of their time. That applies to this specific Nike model back then, as well as today. These days, the Sock Dart from Nike still seems as futuristic as ever.

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    Models Are Characterised by their Visual Appeal

    The Sock Dart was conceived of as an incredibly light casual shoe, which was designed in its traditional form in a black-and-white colour combination. Alternatively, you can obtain this shoe in our shop in designs with blue, red or white-grey colour elements. No matter which colour, all models rely on rather inconspicuous colour contrasts. Even when the designers display more restraint in the colour scheme and contrast sharpness with the Sock Dart, they have still utilised an edgy design in other areas. Even the soles, which have remained mostly all-white, are furnished with numerous notches and a variety of shapes and thus set optical accents. The special design of the heel element, with the separate rubber appliqué, also catches the eye, like the perforated strap with Velcro fastener that, perfectly visible, slides over the midfoot.

    Minimalism and Purism as a Striking Design Option

    This shoe remains very much in the tradition of Nike ideas and visions. Since the 1970s, the US sporting goods manufacturer has concentrated more and more on the design of models which provide a sock-like level of comfort. In the course of corresponding product development, the sporting goods manufacturer has already succeeded in establishing numerous classics of this kind on the world market. This includes the Sock Racer, introduced in 1985 as a rather revolutionary model, which even today still enjoys cult status among collectors and Nike fans alike. On the other hand, the Air Flow, brought to market in 1988, set standards due to its extremely airy design. The models Air Huarache (1991), as well as Air Presto (2000), are iconic legends for true sports shoe aficionados. It’s not for nothing that both versions became real moneymakers. Each of these models has ultimately contributed to reaching higher evolutionary stages of wearability. In addition, all these model variants have brought a design worldwide attention and acclaim, which produces its creative mantra through minimalism and purism.

    From an Unorthodox Shoe Idea to a Timeless Trend Icon

    By avoiding components which are too fancy, loud and flashy colour schemes, and visually prominent appliqués, Nike designers have set industry standards which have inspired many a shoe designer. With models like the Sock Dart and its related predecessor models, the simple design of trainers and casual shoes has been elevated to a cool and casual lifestyle design. Thanks to this purist design which focuses on the fundamentals, even unorthodox shoe ideas have become timeless trend icons. This has definitely succeeded in the case of the Nike Sock Dart; this shoe is simply a classic. The design duo of Hiroshi Funjiwara and Tinker Hatfield were the driving force behind the simplicity-infused design. In designing the Nike Sock Dart, both designers used computer-woven fabrics for the first time, since these conform to each foot form relatively ideally. Additionally, they replaced the intrinsically obligatory shoelaces with simple silicone straps and acquired already tested components from other models, such as the toecap from the Presto.

    New Edition of the Cult Shoe

    However - despite all creative efforts - the Nike Sock Dart couldn’t instantly establish itself on the market. It was quite the opposite; initially, only industry experts and design fans were rather impressed by this model. Over the years, due to the minimalism-focused design style, the shoes increased in stature and popularity, so that many sports and casual shoe companies discovered the ingenuity of the purist design for themselves. Afterwards, the number of Nike Sock Dart fans increased practically endlessly. As a result of this new popularity and the resulting sales results, the designers promptly went back to the drawing board and, in 2014, presented the Nike Sock Dart in fresh, new clothing. Sports shoe enthusiasts around the world immediately made a place in their hearts for this new version of the cult shoe. Up to now, the demand for this shoe has been virtually undiminished; the differing colour combinations in particular enjoy powerfully accelerated demand once again.

    The Nike Sock Dart Flirts with Optimised Features

    You should experience the fascination with these trainers as well. We feature several variants of the Nike Sock Dart model in our online shop. When you wear them, you experience immediately how well these shoes breathe due to the net-shaped mesh material. You’ll also be impressed by the enormous tread, which is generated by the protruding sole on the heel and toes. The slightly raised tip as well as the deep flex grooves in the sole of the shoe also improve the natural rolling motion, which is of great importance for all those who use the Nike Sock Dart as a running shoe. These model variants achieve further optimisations in this area by means of a heel element that stands just off the floor, and contributes to an ever confident stride. This can definitely be labelled as an extremely functional design. With many other shoe brands, you are generally used to having your ankle protected with each step by means of a high upper shaft. However, with the Nike Sock Dart, a low-cut shaft suffices for properly supporting the ankle. In order to further optimise cushioning, the designers have made the midsole from a special EVA foam called Phylon. As you can see, the Nike Sock Dart - which can be obtained from us – sets design and truly functional standards simultaneously.

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