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    Nike Epic React - innovative foam cushioning for even more energy

    Innovative foam cushioning technology makes Nike Epic React the perfect running shoe. The Nike React running shoe was created in collaboration with athletes who understand exactly what is required when it comes to running. The result is a running shoe designed to optimally enhance your performance.

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    Epic React Flyknit offers optimised comfort

    In comparison to other models, Nike is offering 13 percent greater energy return with the React - the more energy you expend during your run, the more your running shoe springs back. The specially developed foam of the Nike React running shoe not only guarantees rapid-response energy return; it is also extremely supple and soft. Despite its excellent cushioning, the Nike React Flyknit is still one of the most lightweight running shoes on the market. The running shoe sole, made from a single piece of material, conquers any bumps you may encounter. The shoe is extremely springy and durable - the React will easily see you through hundreds of kilometres of running. The lightweight, breathable Flyknit material is comfortable and moulds to fit the shape of your foot. The tongue is firmly affixed to the shoe, meaning no pressure whilst running and you'll truly feel as if you're running on clouds. Nike running shoes fit as comfortably as a well-fitting sock. A heel insert on the underside of the Nike Epic React guarantees sufficient hold upon impact. The insert is lined with synthetic suede to prevent pressure or rubbing. The Epic React Flyknit by Nike is available in various colourways for women, men and older children. Its heel reinforcements are eye-catching and contrast with the rest of the shoe design.

    Experts work on perfect performance

    For three years, designers, chemists and engineers have been developing the revolutionary Epic React Flyknit. The innovative foam cushioning was specially developed by Nike experts, combining athletes’ heat map data with computer-supported design. Thanks to this data, the developers were able to determine exactly which areas of the sole were impacted the most and where the special Nike React foam was required. When it came to integrating this innovative sole into the shoe, the designers also used athletes’ data and monitored the speed and power with which they moved. The result speaks for itself: A high-performance, lightweight running shoe that fits perfectly and always feels like new - even after 500 kilometres.