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    Nike SB Janoski: The Perfect Skateboarding Shoe for a Cool and Stylish Look

    Football, basketball, handball, track and field – Nike has been the leading provider of shoes for almost every type of sport since 1989. Nike enjoys an excellent reputation for its sports clothing in general, but the company has achieved cult status with its wide range of shoes for football and other sports. Some of them have even become legends. But Nike offers much, much more. Nike also has a long track record in making some very popular sneakers for casual wear and they work very well as fashion statements, too. Nike products are very much part of the Hip Hop scene, and the surfer scene, and many rappers also swear by these items. Hobby sports fans such as BMX riders and skateboarders also think that Nike shoes express their own particular view of life.

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    Skateboarder Stefan Janoski – His Special Expertise Makes a Perfect Skateboarding Shoe

    The heroes of these hobby sports are not likely to be seen without their obligatory Nike footwear. And not only that: some of the stars of these sports have given their names to some very special Nike designs. A few of them, including, for example, skateboarding legend Stefan Janoski – have even been closely involved in the design and construction of a whole new type of shoe. And of course that makes perfect sense. Who could possibly know better than a skateboarder himself how a shoe designed for skateboarding should be made? When you are wearing a pair of Nike Janoski shoes, you will immediately discover what perfection is. This is because Stefan Janoski, who is now almost 40 years old, has dominated the skateboarding scene more than any other. He grew up in Vacaville, in California and in 1992 he had his first encounter with skateboarding. Although he hardly knew anyone in his area who shared his passion for skateboarding, he soon focused all his attention on excelling in this sporting pursuit. After a very short time he improved so much that he was able to make a living as a professional skateboarder.

    Nike Janoski Shoes Are a Big Hit in the Skateboarding Scene

    Sporting goods manufacturer Nike were very quick to notice this incredible talent and his extraordinary passion for skateboarding. They got everyone together around a table and came to an agreement on some targeted collaboration. A new type of shoe was to be designed, and it was to be specifically made for the skateboarding scene. Because Janoski is a talented artist as well as a top level sportsman, he was even given a free hand in designing the shape and the look of the new product. Very soon, the first Nike Janoski shoes really did appear on the market in 2002. These shoes combined stunning creativity with absolute fitness for purpose. Even the very first versions of the Nike Janoski shoe were so well received in the skateboarding scene, that they were recognised as a great success. Nike Janoski shoes generally have the typical low silhouette of a skateboarding shoe. In addition to this, they have an especially light but hard-wearing upper material, and sometimes a vulcanised rubber sole. These features make the Nike Janoski styles stand out from other shoes in the hobby sports genre.

    Nike SB Janoski Max – Nimbleness Now Has a Name

    You will, of course, also find this style in our shop, in various colours and colour combinations. Take a look at our website, and you will find that Nike SB Janoski shoes are ideal for many contexts well beyond the sport of skateboarding. Their sporty style remains constant across all of the different versions, but these shoes are so full of spirit, charm and energy that they can be worn on almost any occasion. This means, in fact, that the Nike Janoski Max is perfectly suitable for wearing all the time. You will hardly even be aware that you have these Nike Janoski Max shoes on your feet. Each shoe only weighs 226 grams: no other shoe can make you nimbler than this. Moreover, the Nike SB Janoski Max Sneaker has breathable, structured mesh and a completely air-permeable tongue. This combination makes your feet feel as free as a bird, untroubled by any constraints.

    Spoilt for Choice: From the Nike SB Janoski Max to the Nike Janoski Zoom and the Nike SB Janoski Lunar Mid

    The Nike Janoski Max has some further attractive features. It’s a stylish skateboarding shoe with a removable and extra-thin Ortholite inner sole. You will also find that the Nike Janoski Max comes with the famous Nike Free Technology, which is a tried and tested Nike feature that adds to the shoe’s light and nimble feel. Additional comfort and protection are guaranteed thanks to the Air-Pad, which absorbs shock and dampens vibrations. This feature is built into the heel part of the mid-sole. In addition to the Nike Janoski Max we also stock other, special variations, such as the Nike SB Stefan Janoski Zoom and the Lunar Mid version. This last one is the only shoe in the whole collection that has a high top and upper material made of genuine suede leather. Don’t be too surprised, then, if everybody wants to look at your feet when you are wearing these unusual shoes. And of course we haven’t forgotten about the kids, and some Nike SB Stefan Janoski primary school shoes ensure that children’s sneakers are included in our range. Why don’t you take a look at our store’s products, and let yourself be inspired by the cool, sporting lifestyle and unique flair that the Nike Janoski collection represents.

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