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    With the New Balance 580, you are off to a flying start!

    Comfort meets style: the New Balance 580 accompanies you as a running shoe during training and jazzes up your everyday look. The integrated, ultra-lightweight midsole makes the difference!

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    The NB 580 - a classic in a new design

    It is almost impossible to imagine its disappearance from the running tracks of the country: the 580 by New Balance. The trainers from the label are not only real icons of street style but also the favourites of countless amateur athletes. Naturally, because NB constantly reinvents itself. When doing so, the company places the highest value on ensuring that you can always perform at your best. For the past 100 years, the designers have been trying to keep the world in motion - and the 580 is one of the most popular models for good reason. With high-tech features and designs inspired by pop culture, the shoe offers everything athletes and trendsetters want. The balance between the perfect look and its practicality has been the reason for the continual redesign of the model over many decades and accompanies generations of runners on their runs. Maybe this will include you very soon?

    Urban style for your training

    New Balance puts a high value on the right look and this can be felt with every single shoe! The trademarks of NB are stark contrasts and creative colour plays. Neon combined with pastel - why not? This casual spirit is exactly what sets the 580 apart. However, the trainers have plenty to offer besides their colour scheme. The striking 'N' at the side is just as much a part of the look as the accentuated colour of the outer sole. That way, it can be seen immediately which label you are loyal to. How these elements are integrated into the shoe is decided by the designers themselves, leading to minimalist or radically reduced models, in which the logo is elegantly impregnated into the upper or the edges of the 'N' feature a shiny stitch. Variety gives style its edge! It also applies to possible combinations - the 580 can be worn with jeans as well as a casual tracksuit.

    Innovative features leave you floating during your run

    But the inside matters as well. This is where the New Balance 580 is at its best! Do you want to run as if you were on clouds? The integrated midsole of the NB makes it possible! It is made of featherweight foam and therefore weighs up to 30 percent less than other sole designs. At the same time, it is just as durable as conventional midsoles. The patented shock technology cushions your feet perfectly on hard surfaces and protects you from injuries. Other features, such as the rollbar and the flex grooves in the sole, turn the robust outsole into a powerful partner in the overall concept of the running shoe. Your foot is perfectly protected by the elastic neoprene layer at the heel. The footbed adjusts to your individual body shape and lightens every step of your run.

    The New Balance 580 is where style meets wear comfort

    Next to the clever sole design, the upper stands out as well. This is where New Balance traditionally relies on a mix of materials. New looks in suede or with mesh inserts turn the classic silhouette of the 580 upside down. Besides the colourful inserts on the trainer, crazy colour schemes are eye-catchers as well. Colourful, bright and never boring - that seems to be the motto of the designers! At Foot Locker, you will always find the latest models from the hottest collections - often inspired by celebrities and trends. Combined with features for even better wear comfort, your shoe cupboard cannot miss out on New Balance any longer - because NB connects street style and athletics like no other label! The fact that the New Balance 580 celebrated its 20-year anniversary without showing any signs of ageing, is another piece of evidence for the persuasiveness of this combination.
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