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    Adidas Prophere: The Ugly Dad Makes A Comeback

    Adidas, second only to Nike when it comes to the world’s second largest sporting goods manufacturers, is a pioneer when it comes to design and function. Ever since the “Miracle of Bern” in 1954, when outsiders Germany became World Cup champions wearing Adidas boots, the three stripes from Herzogenaurach have dominated the sporting world. In 1970 Adidas revolutionised American basketball with the "Superstar". This sneaker was the first Adidas shoe that also managed to cause a stir outside the world of sport, as casual streetwear. It became the entry-level model for the rock, rap and hip-hop scenes, the predecessor of a development that has now come to completion with the new Adidas Prophere. This unusual creation has the makings of a modern legend. Whether on the track or lost in the urban jungle – with the Prophere you are setting your course towards the future.

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    The cult returns

    The Adidas Prophere brings us back to the times when people such as Jam Master Jam, Missy Elliott and the Red Hot Chili Peppers were rocking the stages in shoes from Herzogenaurach. This was not always the case – for the new century saw sneakers adopt a more modest appearance: they became smart, minimalist, conservative. However, there is one thing you can rely on when it comes to sport and fashion: cult designs are sure to make their comeback. And in force! Adidas has given the new cult a name: Prophere. As of 15.12.2017 these unusual sneakers have been taking the fight against boredom to the streets.

    Adidas Prophere is the Ugly Dad sneaker, turbocharged

    Americans thoroughly berated it; "Ugly Dad" was the name they gave the fat Hip-Hop/Underdog sneaker. A shoe for people without style, aspiration, education, culture and taste. The term “Ugly Dad” is indicative of the snobbery of the first decade of the new millennium, when classy restraint and minimalist style were the order of the day. The message: we are the elite, the people who have always known what makes for good style. In 2013, Raf Simons called it a day with the elitist posturing and created the “Ozweego” for Adidas, which, with its platform-style soles, made a reverent bow to the “Ugly Dad”. And suddenly there was a gap in time and all of the uninhibited wildness of the 90s returned in force. Don’t worry about the mainstream! Do your own thing! This was the message – and it was delivered loud and clear. And its most striking expression came on 15.12.2017 with the introduction of the Prophere. This is Ugly Dad taken to the extreme!

    Away with conservatism

    The Prophere is provocative. It distances itself from all minimalist trends with glaring self-confidence. With these sneakers on your feet you are sure to attract attention: it is a clear statement for individualists, boundary-breakers, extroverts – for all those who love the unusual. The uproar among experts upon the launch of the Prophere was suitably loud. “Ugly Daddy is back! Ugly Daddy for aliens!” However, the first Adidas Prophere fan clubs quickly assembled, for this shoe is definitely something for the initiated.

    Guaranteed to stand out

    There is one thing that you will have to get used to when you take to the street in your Propheres: the glances from those around you. What do you see? The boldly raised, extra wide white outsoles, the bright orange-coloured sections on the undersole and a great colour contrast that runs up to the tip of the toe. A distinctive nubbed texture enhances the eye-catching effect of these “ugly” outsoles. Added to this are a few more eccentric details, such as the black leather heel counter, which creates the perfect raw street look with its untidy seams. The Adidas Prophere looks wild and defiant, yet its composition has been planned out with the utmost care.

    Branding laid on thick

    Contrasts attract attention: the appearance of the Prophere has been designed on the basis of this principle. The black mottled knit outer of the Prophere stands in bold contradiction to the thick nubbed sole. The extra-wide Adidas stripes in synthetic suede are attached to the laces for a perfect fit. The Adidas trefoil is just as large on the wide tongue of this provocative sneaker. "I am Adidas", proclaims this shoe. "Those who have, can!"

    It doesn’t just shock, it also fits

    The Adidas Prophere is a sneaker in the best 90s Ugly Dad mould. It is a boundary-breaker with inner value – comfortable and ergonomic; simply Adidas. Its OrthoLite insole ensures optimal shock absorption, while the polyurethane midsole provides stability and durability. The various comfort zones of the knit outer guarantee comfortable wear. Its elasticated pull loop in the heel area means that the sneaker fits to the anatomy of your foot as if it were custom-made. Nothing here slips, rubs or presses. With this exceptional shoe you will be able to storm the streets of your neighbourhood as often as you like. Still going strong!

    Boundary-breaker gaining ground

    The Prophere by Adidas have been on the path to success since the middle of December 2017. If you are wearing them, then you are in good company. JGrrey has been seen in them, as have Oscar Worldpeace, Benny Mails and a few other up-and-coming stars. Join them! These shoes are for boundary-breakers!