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    The Adidas I 5923: Seventies style with the best inside values

    Adidas has a huge archive, in which new and old discoveries are constantly made - such as the Adidas I 5923. This is no surprise, because the Dassler brothers made sports shoes from the beginning of the 1920s, making the company headquarters in Herzogenaurach host to the world's largest collection of sports shoes. 1.6 kilometres of shelving are a treasure trove - jewels such as the leather shoe, with which Max Morlock played in the FIFA World Cup in 1954, come to light. 1.6 kilometres of shelving are a pattern catalogue - a gigantic archive of memories, a place for testimonials, reminiscence, food for thought and future developments. And from this comes the rediscovery of the I 5923.

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    Hurricane from the '70s

    The term I 5923 sounds a bit abstract - like the series of a laptop model. But like everything in the traditional company Adidas, this name also has a story. A look in the Adidas archive of the 1970s reveals the Iniki, coming from the Hawaiian word for ‘hurricane'. The I in the model designation obviously stands for Iniki. But what does the combination 5923 stand for? Quite simply, it is an archive number. 5923 is the combination of numbers under which the original Iniki models are stored in Herzogenaurach, its DNA, so to speak, from which a great new retro sneaker has been created. Many Adidas fans have long been waiting for this model!

    Fitness with Adidas

    Until the 1960s, sport was the exclusive preserve of professionals. The typical sports fan, on the other hand, just sat on the sofa and watched football games. In the Seventies, people sought to put an end to this, because people were slowly making the connection between lots of calories, little exercise and low life expectancy. The fitness movement started in March 1970. The Adidas I 5923 is a tribute to the time when Germans started getting healthy.

    Retro meets high-tech

    The typical, old-school Adidas-sports shoe is flat and slim-built and its restrained design is characterised by the three Adidas stripes on the outer and inner side of the shoe. The Adidas Rome, created at the end of the 1950s as the first all-round sports shoe, can be used as a typical example of the classic Adidas style. The Iniki, freed from the archive, also stands in the Adidas line of tradition - timeless and fashionable for any occasion. And because its revival comes in the year 2017, a few inner values have been added for optimal running ergonomics. The soul of the ‘70s packed in the technology of the latest research results.

    Shoe with numeric code

    The Adidas I 5923 sums up the best of Adidas. The upper material is made from stretch mesh - an air-permeable fabric that guarantees a feel-good climate for your feet. In the toe and heel area, there are wild leather overlays which bring back the vintage retro-look of the ‘70s. In the style of the time are the three wide Adidas stripes, with a serrated cut look. The model name I 5923 designates a design for the here and now. It stands on a black textile patch attached parallel to the widest Adidas stripe.

    An energy centre called ‘Boost’

    The Adidas I 5923 softly covers your foot and fits just like a sock and the soft outer sole, with its net structure, gives you an optimum grip. Comfort which is super easy to put on and take off and also cushions your steps to make them as light as a feather - even on the hardest surfaces. This is due to the OrthoLite insole and the Adidas-patented Boost technology. A common stroke of genius by Adidas and BASF, the Boost midsole can absorb and release energy. The Boost sole is at the high-tech heart of your new Adidas retro sneaker. With the I 5923, you have one foot in the ‘70s and the other in the future of leading sports shoe technology.

    It is almost 50 years since a whole nation, short of breath and out of shape, put on an Adidas tracksuit and running shoes and got in shape. This star is no longer lost. Put on your Adidas I 5923 and follow it!