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    Adidas Campus update – the classic design from the 1980s is a resounding current success with real street style

    The great fashion metropolises of Paris, Milan and New York are leading the way. Vintage designs and shoes with a retro look are in high demand. Especially since the trend towards individualisation has become increasingly hyped, everyone is talking about retro concepts. Add in a certain historical narrative and a shoe can rapidly become a cult item. Examples of this abound – just take a look at our website. Whether it’s Nike, Asics, Puma or of course Adidas, classic shoes from long-forgotten periods have been getting a completely new overhaul. The new designs look truly stunning without neglecting their original roots and this makes them instant hot sellers with the distinction of being regarded as “must have” accessories.

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    From pure sports shoe to trendy sneaker with cult potential

    This development is particularly noticeable with sports shoes. Hardly surprising when you consider that there has always been a demand for innovation and inventiveness, particularly when developing new shoe styles for sprinters, marathon runners, basketball players and even for tennis and baseball stars. The trick here has always been to combine innovative technologies with striking and perhaps even unusual design. For example, do you still remember the model with the so-called rear spoiler which gave sports shoes an almost square shaped appearance? None of the best-known brands want to fall behind the competition in any way, so new shoes are introduced to the market pretty much on an annual basis, manufactured using even more lightweight materials, boasting particular performance features, special designs and, of course, increasingly flamboyant colourways. This process means that models which were originally designed as a pure sports shoe have gradually slipped into the sneaker category. Once this change has taken hold, these shoes extend their domain far beyond the tennis court, basketball court, athletics track or running paths. In fact, numerous designs have become well-established as trendy sports shoes with real street style character.

    Adidas Campus 80s have an impressively modern style and a long-standing history

    Naturally the ubiquitous retro trend has also influenced the top German sporting goods brands such as Adidas. And this is no accident: after all, Adidas designs over the last 30 to 40 years are almost all ideally suited to evoke a feeling of nostalgia and to combine this with modern design elements. The 1980s have turned out to be a real field of dreams in this regard. Although this period is regarded with a certain degree of embarrassment from a fashion perspective, when it comes to sports shoes and sneakers there really are plenty of exciting reference points in this decade. The textbook case here is the Adidas Campus which featured a comparably discreet design but was nonetheless assembled using the very latest technologies. Immediately after its launch the shoe became a best buy in Germany, followed by the rest of Europe and ultimately also in the USA.

    Adidas Campus: nostalgic design and timeless functionality meets fashionably urban streetwear

    Reason enough then to bestow a modern upgrade on the Adidas Campus 80s with their venerable cult status. And the upgrade has been a total success – just check it out in our shop, if you need convincing – it has successfully hit all the right notes by retaining a nostalgic effect and simple design with a typical 1980s look and timeless functionality while offering modern urban streetwear. Have a browse around our website and you will be impressed with our Adidas Campus models which exhibit the classic focus on essentials combined with sporty elegance and an up-to-date fashionable attitude. The Adidas Campus 80s from 1981, which were originally intended to function as a response to the popular Puma Clyde basketball shoe, have successfully taken tradition in the form of a memorable retro look and made it almost tangible or palpable. Even after its redesign, the Adidas Campus is still equipped with a relatively thick rubber outsole. The cushioned rubber midsole, however, has been updated bringing benefits in terms of traction and grip.

    One always stands out – the Adidas Campus Vulc offers a low top design for skaters

    It doesn’t matter which of the Adidas Campus 80s designs you are interested in, all versions available in our online shop are retro in the best possible sense of the word. Of course the Adidas Campus is still an excellent shoe to wear when doing sports, but it is also creating a real sensation elsewhere as a comfortable and stylish sneaker with street style character. You can select different versions of the Adidas Campus design made from nubuck or suede (depending on the specific model) and with an inner material manufactured from either leather or textile. The sole is designed as a cupsole with classic herringbone pattern – just as it always traditionally has been. But one Adidas Campus 80s model stands out clearly, because with the Adidas Campus Vulc we have a very special design in our range. Fans of trend sports and specifically skaters should be really pricking up their ears and paying attention here. The Adidas Campus Vulc has been specifically designed for the skate park, with designers focussing especially on stability and strength.

    Adidas Campus Vulc: gives a distinctive consistent board feel thanks to its special design

    Have a closer look at this shoe in our online shop. You will notice it straight away – that certain extra something, the added bonus for skaters. The upper material of the Adidas Campus Vulc consists completely of suede; in addition, the designers have integrated a very special eyelet design which not only offers better protection for the laces, but also contributes to the overall high stability and strength of the Adidas Campus Vulc. And that’s not all by a long shot. The vulcanised, slightly shock-absorbing outsole can also justifiably be regarded as a skating-inspired feature because it ensures precisely the correct degree of grip as well as flexibility. Taking all these attributes together, the Adidas Campus Vulc guarantees a distinctive consistent board feel. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pair quickly, before another skater beats you to it ...
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